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"DEAR SIR: I take the liberty to inquire of you whether any steps have been taken by you, on behalf of your daughter, by way of claiming the medal of the king of Denmark for the first discovery of a telescopic comet. The regulations require that information of the discovery should be transmitted by the next mail to Mr.

In his nerveless body, bent double by suffering, and enveloped in the shabby old cloak still further disfigured by the yellow wheel, dwelt the soul of a thinker. The son of the Ghetto might have worn his badge with pride, for in truth it was a medal of distinction awarded by the papal Church to the Jews, for dauntlessness and courage.

Over the fireplace, in a small, square case, a brown medal caught her eye, hanging from a strip of purple ribbon. Beneath was a slip of newspaper cutting. She stood on her tiptoes, with her fingers on the edge of the mantelpiece, and craned her neck up to see it, glancing down from time to time at the bacon which simmered and hissed beneath her.

To this result, as a matter of course, the enormous development of our manufacturing and other industries has also contributed. There is another side to the medal, and not so fair a one.

It is worth mention that the first Flora medal offered by the Royal Horticultural Society for a seedling a hybrid in open competition was won by Loelia Arnoldiana in 1891; the same variety took the first prize in 1892. It was raised by Messrs. Sander from L. purpurata × Catt. labiata; seed sown 1881, flowered 1891.

New York City was now induced to join the list of prohibitive cities, by a personal appeal made to its mayor by Bok, and on the succeeding Fourth of July the city authorities, on behalf of the people of New York City, conferred a gold medal upon Edward Bok for his services in connection with the birth of the new Fourth in that city.

"Good evening, godmother!" said Miss Jenny Wren. The old man laughed, and gave her his arm to lean on. "Won't you come in and warm yourself, godmother?" she asked. "Not if you are ready, Cinderella, my dear." "Well!" exclaimed Miss Wren, delighted. "Now you ARE a clever old boy! If we only gave prizes at this establishment you should have the first silver medal for taking me up so quick."

"I have already enjoyed too much," says the Prince in Rasselas; "give me something to desire." And then, a little later, as so often happens with the wise, comes the other side of the medal of truth: "Human life is everywhere a state in which much is to be endured and little to be enjoyed."

They obeyed, and in the course of three or four minutes returned, bringing with them a much-bedraggled but smiling woman on whose coat was pinned the Red Cross medal. "I'm the trained nurse. Madame Macherez sent me here to help with your hospital." "Oh! I'm sure you're welcome, Madame " "Guix is my name.

Several decorations were obtained for this work including the Bar to the Military Cross to Capt. J.F.G. Aubin, M.C., commanding Y Company; and the Military Cross to Capt. P.H.B. Lyon, commanding X Company. Sergts. Britton and Cruddace were awarded Bars to the Military Medal.