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"That vessel is the Loelia madam, and Diaz has just come aboard with this letter;" and he handed it to her. "What an extraordinary thing! Why did not my husband come for me himself if he is so anxious for me to join him on the Loelia. Is she close-to?" "Yes, but not in sight.

Normanii; Loelia Digbyana, Central America, with Catt. Mossiæ, Venezuela, giving Loelio-Catt. Digbyana-Mossiæ; Catt. Mossiæ, Venezuela, with Loelia cinnabarina, Brazil, giving Loelio-Catt. Phoebe. Not yet flowered and unnamed, raised in the Nursery, are Catt. citrina, Mexico, with Loelia purpurata, Brazil; Catt.

For five days the Loelia steered steadily before the trade wind, till one morning there lay before her a huge, treeless cone, whose barren, rugged sides rose blackly from the sea. Not a vestige of vegetation was visible anywhere from the cutter, and from the summit of the cone, and from long, gaping fissures in the sides, ascended thin, wavering clouds of dull, sulphurous smoke.

It is worth mention that the first Flora medal offered by the Royal Horticultural Society for a seedling a hybrid in open competition was won by Loelia Arnoldiana in 1891; the same variety took the first prize in 1892. It was raised by Messrs. Sander from L. purpurata × Catt. labiata; seed sown 1881, flowered 1891.

Cattleya guttata Leopoldi grows upon rocks in the little island of Sta. Catarina, Brazil, in company with Loelia elegans and L. purpurata. There the four dwelt in such numbers only twenty years ago that the supply was thought inexhaustible. It has come to an end already, and collectors no longer visit the spot.

"Dear Lester, I send you this hurried note by the Tongan Government schooner Taufaahau. I am here in the Loelia, inspecting my stations in connection with their transference to Captain Danvers's company. He is very anxious to realise his ideal, and I do not wish to keep him waiting. If Mrs. Brabant is not in Sydney when this reaches you, please communicate with her as quickly as possible.

But at one point on the western side, as the Loelia crept in under the lee, there opened out a small bay less than fifty fathoms in width from head to head, where, instead of the roaring surf which beat so fiercely against the rest of the island, as if it sought to burst in its rocky walls and extinguish for ever the raging fires hidden deep down in its heart, there was but a gentle swell which broke softly upon a beach less dismal to the eye than the others.

These are Mr. Veitch's calculations in a rough way, but there are endless exceptions, of course. Thus his Loelia triophthalma flowered in its eighth season, whilst his Loelia caloglossa delayed till its nineteenth. The genus Zygopetalum, which plays odd tricks in hybridizing, as I have mentioned, is curious in this matter also.

I cite the following haphazard: Phajus Wallichii × Phajus tuberculosus. Loelia præstans. × Cattleya Dowiana. " purpurata × Cattleya Dowiana. " " × Loelia grandis tenebrosa. " " × Cattleya Mendellii. " marginata × Loelia elegans Cooksoni. Cattleya Mendellii × " purpurata. " Trianæ × " harpophylla. " Percivalliana × " " Lawrenceana × Cattleya Mossiæ. " gigas × " Gaskelliana.

"You will not leave Sydney till either you hear from me or see me. I may follow you in the Loelia in a month. But no one else is to know this not even Mrs. Brabant." "You may depend on me," replied Lester. "I know it well. Goodbye, Lester." That evening the Loelia sailed from Levuka. Pedro Diaz had been transferred from the Maritana and was now mate of the cutter.