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This region is characterised by the parallelism displayed by many formations, large and small. It is more apparent hereabouts than in any other part of the moon's visible surface. When favourably placed under a low morning sun, Birmingham is a striking telescopic object.

We live in a telescopic, microscopic, telegraphic universe, all the elements of which are brought together under the combined operation of fire and water, as erst, in primitive Nature, vulcanic and plutonic forces struggled together in the face of heaven and hell to form the earth.

Many a nebulous mass of hieroglyphically inscribed meanings did he this Champollion, defying all human enigmas, this Herschel, or Lord Rosse, forever peering into the obscure chasms and yawning abysses of human astronomy resolve into orderly constellations, that, once and for all, through his telescopic interpretation and enlargement, were rendered distinct and commensurable amongst men.

XENOPHANES. But for its position, this deep walled-plain, 185 miles in diameter, would be a fine telescopic object, with its lofty walls, large central mountain, and other details. OENOPIDES. A large and tolerably regular walled-plain, 43 miles in diameter, on the W. of the last. The depressions on the W. wall are worth examination at sunrise. There is apparently no detail whatever on the floor.

On the 7th of October the comet re-entered the zone of the telescopic planets, one of which had been captured as a satellite, and the origin of the whole of which is most probably correctly attributed to the disintegration of some large planet that formerly revolved between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

"SIR: I have had the honor to receive your communication of the 6th ultimo, in which you express the desire that the medal instituted by his late Majesty, Frederic VI., as a reward for the discovery of telescopic comets, should be granted to Miss Maria Mitchell, of Nantucket, in the United States of America.

Then set the telescope upon that star, when it is on the meridian at night, and leave it there, and the next day, twelve hours after the star crossed the meridian, look into your telescope and you will see Venus, or, if not, a slight motion of the tube will bring her into view. For many amateurs the phases of Venus will alone supply sufficient interest for telescopic observation.

In every regiment a small squad of picked marksmen only should have these long-range rifles, with the addition of telescopic sights. The average man does not take exact aim before firing, and nearly all the shots go high. If it were not for bombs and machine-guns the enemy could always succeed in getting to our trenches with very little loss.

At daybreak he left his aerie, and mounting in the sky far beyond the reach of human vision, watched with telescopic eye the creatures wandering on the earth's surface. That poor zebra was seen by him probably long ago, and he knew well that he must shortly become his prey." While David was speaking, numerous other oricus descended like the first.

Snipers, smiling cheerfully over the improved atmospheric conditions, polished up their telescopic sights. The artillery on each side hailed the birth of yet another season of fruitfulness and natural increase with some more than usually enthusiastic essays in mutual extermination. Half the Mess caught colds in their heads. Frankly, we are not sorry to see the end of winter.