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This little scene one of those rough copies of the loveliness of human affections, of which so many are scattered about the highways of the world both the lovers had involuntarily watched; and now as they withdrew their eyes, those eyes settled on each other, Lucy's swam in tears.

To her, Annette was a new charge, an increased burden; but burden to be defended by her love and guarded by her care. All her other children had married and left her, and in her lowly home this young child with infantile sweetness, beguiled many a lonely hour. She loved Lucy and that was Lucy's child.

She could scarcely feel her need of strength for a warfare on which she had never entered; and Lucy's words, spoken out of the realizing experience she had already had, were to her incomprehensible.

Had they been two fabled denizens of the wood she a nymph and he a dryad they could not have been more closely linked with sky and earth. As for Jane, she watched the increasing intimacy with alarm. She had suddenly become aroused to the fact that Lucy's love affair with Bart was going far beyond the limits of prudence.

"Lucy's letter didn't sound like it. She was very emphatic about Maria Angelina's knowing nothing of the world or young men. I rather gathered," Mrs. Blair made out, "that the family had a plain daughter to marry off and wanted the pretty one in ambush for a while they take care of those things, you know."

Hereafter it may be of interest to you to see how true you guess. We learn from failure, not from success!" When I described Lucy's symptoms, the same as before, but infinitely more marked, he looked very grave, but said nothing.

When Miss Lucy and Dr. Dudley came back to them, however, both faces were so bright, Polly decided that she must have been mistaken, and looked for the ring to appear. But it was not so much as mentioned. The Doctor bade Elsie and the others good-bye, and Miss Lucy accompanied him into the hall. After a while the suspense became unbearable, and Polly started for Miss Lucy's room.

"How a girl can do so!" she thought. Intuitively she knew that what she felt for Horace was a far nobler love than Lucy's. "Love was it love, after all?" Rose did not know, but she gave her head a proud shake. "I never would put him in such a position, and lie about him, just because " she said to herself. She did not finish her sentence.

Colwood lived a very quiet life, and were never to be seen at the tea and garden parties in which the neighborhood abounded. "Plucky of her to come back here!" said Bobbie. "And how's Lady Lucy?" Lady Niton moved impatiently. "Lucy would be all right if her son wouldn't join a set of traitors in jockeying the man who put him into Parliament, and has been Lucy's quasi-husband for twenty years!"

"There, sister, that's just your color; that's what that gray dress needs. Tell me, what's Bart like?" "A little like Captain Nat, his father," answered Jane, ignoring Lucy's last inference, "not so stout and " "What's he doing?" "Nothin', darlin', that's any good," broke in Martha from behind the two.