On the contrary, Tartarin's body was a stout honest bully of a body, very fat, very weighty, most sensual and fond of coddling, highly touchy, full of low-class appetite and homely requirements the short, paunchy body on stumps of the immortal Sancho Panza.

I say there was no boat; and not only am I forced to submit to the indignity of waiting, and listening to the gibes of the low-class Chinese, and to see their scowls, but our delay there through you, sir results, I say results, in the miserable wretches taking advantage thereof, and, thinking me helpless, working themselves up to an attack.

It is significant that the group of low-class men artisans and peasants and the men of religion, whose mission in life it is to preach resignation to a higher will, are both notably of dark complexion; while the men of action thus tend to be fair, men of thought, it seems to me, show some tendency to be dark."

Unfortunately, later many of the better class of Southerners, yielding to prejudice and sectional feeling, joined the so-called "Law and Order" party. It must be remembered, however, that whereas the active merchants and industrious citizens were too busy to attend to local politics, the professional low-class Southern politician had come out to California for no other purpose.

Let him be clean of speech, therefore. This growing prejudice against profanity is not unreasonable. Oaths indicate a poverty of language of ideas. The thief, the burglar, the low-class criminal everywhere, expresses all his emotions by oaths. Are they angry? They swear. Surprised? They swear. Delighted? They swear.

Humphrey expressed his sorrow at Clym's condition, and added, "Now, if yours was low-class work like mine, you could go on with it just the same." "Yes, I could," said Yeobright musingly. "How much do you get for cutting these faggots?" "Half-a-crown a hundred, and in these long days I can live very well on the wages."

Although Kenyahs will not kill a hawk, they would-not prevent us from shooting one if it stole their chickens; for they say that a hawk who will do that is a low-class fellow, a cad, in fact, for there are social grades among the hawks just as there are among themselves.

There were plenty of traktiri, or low-class eating-houses, some of which had "numbers for arrivers" that is to say, rooms for guests added to their gaudy signs. These were not to be thought of. But we had been told of an establishment which rejoiced in the proud title of gostinnitza, "hotel," in city fashion.

"Is that all you have come for?" said Varvara Petrovna, with a compassionate smile; but at once she drew her mother-of-pearl purse out of her pocket, took out a ten-rouble note and gave it to the unknown. The latter took it. Varvara Petrovna was much interested and evidently did not look upon her as an ordinary low-class beggar. "I say, she gave her ten roubles!" some one said in the crowd.

It's the other woman-lover the prevaricating, sly, low-class, amorous cuss! And he shaved shaved under my very nose. I'll shoot him!" "He's gone mad," thought Heyst, startled by the spectre's sudden fury. He felt himself more in danger, nearer death, than ever since he had entered that room. An insane bandit is a deadly combination. He did not, could not know that Mr.