I want to talk to you about a matter of business." ... "Maggie, are you alone? Oh, all right, I'll come down." Of a wife I should have said she was a woman whose eyes were ever love-lit when resting on her man; who was glad where he was and troubled where he was not. But in every case this might not have been correct.

A display of all the bravery of attire and personal graces of man and maid was in order. The soldier drifted into the land of dreams haunted by Juanita Castro's love-lit eyes and rare, shy smile. No vision disturbed him of the foothold gained in Oregon by the Yankees. They sailed past the entrance of San Francisco Bay, on the Columbia, in 1797, but they found the great river of the northwest.

She settles in her corner and thinks the good night over and over, until she again sees Miss Neilson's love-lit, impassioned countenance. The sun has dropped down and it is quite cold now. They must go for Cecil. "Oh," cries Violet, remorsefully, "we forgot Cecil! We never brought her anything! But I have a lovely box of creams at home; only you do not like her to eat so much sweets."

He brought to mind Jinnie's girlish embarrassment when they had been together; the fluttering white lids as his kisses brought a blue flash from the speaking love-lit eyes. She had loved him then; did she now? Of course she must love him!

When the Will was read aloud yesterday, I did not know whether I was standing on my head or my heels. I rushed down to the vicarage, and good little Mrs Thornton cried upon my neck, literally she did, Mollie!" Mollie smiled at him with love-lit eyes. "But oh, Jack, there's something else Victor? What about him? Was he terribly disappointed? Did he get nothing?" "No! not a cent!"

With love-lit eyes Tiara walked unfalteringly in his direction and, with a smile for which Ensal the great altruist, mark you, fancied he would have been willing to return from a thousand Africas, she extended her hand to him in greeting. There is a saying among the Negroes to the effect that "If you give a Negro an inch he will take an ell."

"Do you feel, Ellen, that you have made too great a sacrifice in leaving home and friends for me?" "O, no," answered Ellen, raising to his her love-lit countenance, "no sacrifice could be too great to make for you; but do you not know I have left all I had to love before I loved you? And they will miss me too at home, and will think of me, how often, too, when I shall be thinking of you only!

"It is my handwriting!" he muttered in a tone of stupefied amazement. "Of course! Whose handwriting should it be?" returned Heliobas, watching him with scientifically keen, yet kindly interest. "Then it IS true!" he exclaimed. "True by the sweetness of her eyes, true, by the love-lit radiance of her smile! true, O thou God whom I dared to doubt! true by the marvels of Thy matchless, wisdom!"

He had known her as a light-hearted girl, full of frolicsome impulses and mischievous tricks, and had loved her with a passion that kept her ever before him. He had seen her when that love-lit image had been veiled by the gloom of seeming disillusion.

And I will grow old with you like a good daughter and wait on you and care for you, and cook your meals when you are ill." Pani looked into the love-lit, shining eyes. "But I shall be so very, very old," she replied with a soft laugh. Ah, what a day it was to Jeanne Angelot! They had gone early in the morning and taken some food with them in a pretty basket made of birch bark.