The figures are life-size, or nearly so, as well as I can remember, and the sentimental dramatic treatment is quite Venetian. It is supposed to represent a certain Duccio Constanzo of Treviso, and was once attributed to Giorgione: it is certainly of the school of Bellini. Gal.

The portraits of the great and eminent men of his time are sculptured on the jambs and lintels of the doors, represented life-size. In Egypt it was customary to paint the sculptures, either on stone or wood, with bright colors yellow, blue, red, green predominating.

The picture was really very impressive, although the music was somewhat throaty and the flakes of snow were larger than life-size. But who was it half lying, half sitting on the church steps, shivering with cold?

The windows were darkened down to the lower sash by green paper shades; the walls were papered in a pattern of brown roses; over the chimney hung a large picture, a life-size pencil-drawing of two little girls, one slightly older and slightly larger than the other, each with round eyes and precise ringlets, and with her hand clasped in the other's hand.

Return to the vegetable existence he had led among the agricultural journals with the life-size mangold wurzels, before this new attraction came into his life no! He exceeded his allowance of cigars. Two a day had always been his rule. Now he smoked three and sometimes four a man will when he is filled with the creative spirit.

"To make you see its immensity, moral, political, and literary, we are now proceeding like the Roman cicerone, who shows you in Saint Peter's the thumb of the statue you took to be life-size, and the thumb proves to be a foot long. You haven't yet measured so much as a great toe of Paris." "And remark, cousin Gazonal, that we take things as they come; we haven't selected."

Hullo! Who did that? What an awfully fine thing! For suddenly, behind the Squire's head, Chicksands had become aware of an easel, and on it a charcoal sketch, life-size, of a boy, who seemed about eighteen or nineteen, in cricketing dress. The Squire looked round. 'What, that sketch of Desmond? Haven't you seen it? Yes, it's jolly good. I got Orpen to do it in July.

When he seated himself at the gaming-table, he experienced a violent palpitation of the heart. His ears tingled, his brain was on fire, and the cold sweat started out on his forehead. He cast fierce glances right and left; he seemed to see in his partner's eyes his past, his future, and Mlle. Moriaz life-size. Fortune made amends for the harshness she had shown him at Milan.

When Hughie came in he found Trevor putting the finishing touches to a wonderful life-size picture of a beggar-man. The beggar himself was standing on a raised platform in a corner of the studio. He was a wizened old man, with a face like wrinkled parchment, and a most piteous expression.

The sporting man rose to the suggestion with a commendable promptness and warmth. "I don't care a blank if it wasn't a bet," he said, heartily. "That young man has pluck, and he deserves to be encouraged. I'll go down and see him to-morrow, and I'll order a portrait of Celeripes; a life-size, thousand-dollar portrait, by Jove!