From the North in Canada, from the South, East and West men and women began converging on the little town of Lentone, Vermont. A day later these local correspondents would be replaced by star reporters, special writers, feature writers, syndicate writers, novelists, and sob sisters.

Hite had indicated that when Jimmy's fresh news was put on the presses the staff would quit for the day. He was in Lentone bright and early the following morning. A short visit to the home of the late Morris Miller followed by a visit to the police, gave him very little for a new lead to the story. He ruefully told himself that the news was probably where Professor Brierly was.

She calmed herself in a moment and continued: "I tried to reach you in New York, but you had gone. Mr. McCall advised against notifying the police. He thinks that is perhaps the worst thing we can do. He went down to the other camp and to Lentone to see what he can do. Oh, Jack " Professor Brierly stood wide-eyed as he heard the news. This was more than the mere solution of a problem.

Professor Brierly was still in an absent minded mood. He was looking at the watch. Suddenly he said: "Mr. Brasher, may I have this watch for a few hours. I will return it." Brasher looked at the chief of police who nodded. Jimmy stayed in Lentone while Professor Brierly went on to his own camp. Jimmy called up his office where he knew that a dog watch would be kept all night.

Hunch or flash, whatever it was, it was undoubtedly something. He started swiftly for the hotel in Lentone, where many of the newspaper representatives congregated. If anyone among them knew of something to justify Hite's excitement, he would show it in some way. There would be a tension, a restlessness that would give the secret away.

A grizzled, white-headed negro came to the door. He addressed Justice Higginbotham. "For you, suh. Lentone callin'." As Judge Higginbotham followed the darky through the door one of the men sprang to his feet; Jimmy later identified him as Jules Goldberg, a retired clothing manufacturer. Goldberg snapped: "What in the world are we afraid of? Are we children?

It finally took form in a strange manner. As if by unanimous consent, they each avoided being left alone with one of their comrades. They would gather at meals or on the porch or in the large living-room, but they avoided being left in pairs. They all took solitary walks. Some of them went out on the lake. Some of them went to Lentone or elsewhere; always alone.

McCall pointed to the address on the envelope: "Is this the way you have all your mail addressed, to the post office at Lentone or " "Some of the mail is addressed this way; some of it is addressed directly to me and is left in the mail box nailed up to a tree at the entrance to this trail." "What will you do about this, Professor?" "I ought to go, of course, but " "To New York?" wondered Jimmy.

"Forget it. Let us confront it. We " The ringing of the telephone interrupted him; Jimmy saw the majority of the old men wince as at a blow. He had a vivid recollection of the hourly ringing of the telephone on the fatal morning of July fourth, it seemed so long ago, and the deadly messages the telephone brought. The grizzled negro came to the door. "Lentone police calling, Jedge."

The opening of a door, any untoward noise, the ringing of the telephone, caused most of them to jump and look about apprehensively. In sheer bravado, they, one at a time, went out of the house either to walk about the rough ground, or to go to Lentone. A visit to the police station there bore no fruit. Brasher was red-eyed, haggard and in a vicious humor.