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In a few minutes he had convinced himself that his glass possessed all these qualities in an even higher degree than the master's own, and that was immeasurably superior to anything which the latter's own sons or any other glass-maker could produce.

One late May day when Susan returned from church she followed her usual course of Sunday observances by going straight to her neighbor's and sitting down hard on one of the latter's kitchen chairs, but she differed from her usual course by her expression, which usually bland and fairly contented with the world in general was this morning most bitterly set and firmly assured in displeasure.

He was in full possession of himself now, and proof against the thinly veiled irony of the oily man's remarks in favor of Mr. Colfax. In an incredibly short time the latter's impetuosity had brought them to eight hundred and ten dollars. Then several things happened very quickly. Mr. Jenkins got up from the curb and said, "Eight hundred and twenty-five," with his cigar in his mouth.

The resemblance its imagery bears to that of apocalyptic visions of a later period is interesting, as evidence of the latter's remote ancestry, and of the development in the use of primitive material to suit a completely changed political outlook. But those are points which do not concern our problem.

You don't count," interposed Greg ironically. "Fitsey'd eat us up alive if he guessed the truth and came over here," contended Dutcher stubbornly. "Hey, Dick! What on earth are you doing?" "Shoving one of the shutters back," Prescott answered, going on with his task. "Hey! Don't do that!" pleaded Hen hoarsely, running over to Dick and grabbing one of the latter's arms.

"Jimmie won his wager," she announced. Her gaze did not waver before the concentrated regard of the men facing her. "He broke into our house but, oh, how can I pay my debt to him now that he is dead!" "Hush!" Helen laid a cautioning hand on her sister's arm as the latter's voice gained in shrillness, the shrillness of approaching hysteria. "I am all right, Helen."

In it is declared, on Hawkins' authority, that the three men who climbed the cliffs, to meet death above, left the party after a quarrel with Powell, the dispute starting in the latter's demand for payment for a watch that had been ruined while in possession of one of the trio. Powell is charged with having ordered the man to leave his party if he would not agree to pay for the watch.

Helen Greyson asked of Edith Fenton, as they sat at luncheon together in the latter's pretty dining-room. "Why, no," was the somewhat hesitating answer. "I really see very little of her. The fact is we have so little common ground to meet on. You know Arthur says I am dreadfully narrow, and I am sometimes afraid he is right. I have tried to know her, but of course I couldn't take her into society.

Gus came down here to visit Ned Ackerman while the latter's father was acting as George's guardian, and got himself into trouble that would have ended seriously if George had not befriended him. It was through that same visit that Gus got into the army." "Did you hear what the colonel said to him about a servant?" asked the orderly. "Whoever saw a scout with a servant?

There had never been any question of the latter's attitude toward Siward. Plank began to frequent the house, but never informally. It is doubtful whether he could have practised informality in that house even at Siward's invitation.