She turned and faced him, cheeks flushed, eyes flashing. "Oh, you hypocrite! You monstrous fibber!" she cried, on a tone of jubilation, looking daggers. "Why? What's up? What's the matter?" asked John, at fault. "How could you have humbugged me so?" she wailed, in delight, reverting to the window. "Anyhow, she's charming. She's made for the part. I couldn't pray for a more promising heroine."

Having told me of his adventures in America, and how his oyster-bar experiences in the Far West had opened his eyes to the fact that the Irish people were being humbugged, he narrated his return to his native land, on his succession to a small farm left him by "an ould aunt he had."

Just at present, even the Juntas do not pretend that they have an army capable of driving the French out of the Pyrenees; which is a comfort, for we shall have to rely upon ourselves and not be humbugged by the Spaniards, the worthlessness of whose promises, Lord Wellington has ascertained, by bitter experience.

"Then he laughed a regular darky laugh, as I found he was sure to do, if he concluded he had drawn you off on a 'false scent, or heard anything that pleased him. "Aunt Sarah was relieved. The fact that Ham admitted that he was humbugged by his own dream seemed to quiet her nerves; so she did not allude to her dream again for a great while.

Faith, you had twenty of them taken and burned before you stopped that time, and the telegraph operator at Point de Chêne was hopping all the evening between the boat and the office, like a pea in a hot skillet," retorted La Salle, laughing. "Ah, Lund! you mustn't plead innocent with us, who have been humbugged by you too many times already.

That by acts and words generally felt to be discreditable a man may evoke great popular enthusiasm is not at all surprising. The late Mr. Barnum was not the first nor the last to observe that the people love to be humbugged.

It is easy to find this out by melting a sample before the fire and putting it away to cool, when the humbug appears by the grease going up, and the water, perhaps turbid with whey, settling below. Honey is humbugged with sugar or molasses. Sugar is not often sanded as the old stories have it.

He knew he had been humbugged, and he knew also that the greater part of the ills which had afflicted him were due, indirectly, in chief measure to the influence of Christian teaching; still, if the mischief had ended with himself, he should have thought little about it, but there was his sister, and his brother Joey, and the hundreds and thousands of young people throughout England whose lives were being blighted through the lies told them by people whose business it was to know better, but who scamped their work and shirked difficulties instead of facing them.

Davis "Beauregard frightens us McClellan rocks his baby" Fancy army equipment McClellan and his chief of staff sick in bed "No satirist could invent such things" Stanton in the Cabinet "This Stanton is the people" Fremont Weed The English will not be humbugged Dayton in a fret Beaufort The investigating committee condemn McClellan Lincoln in the clutches of Seward and Blair Banks begs for guns and cavalry in vain The people will awake!

Under cover of the skirt she then hooks her foot around the leg of the table and draws it toward her. This is done without apparent muscular exertion, while she is engaged in conversation; and parties present are humbugged into the belief that the table was moved without "mortal contact" so they report to outsiders.