A caballero of parts like your worship might have guessed that there was a cat in there." "What cat?" said Byrne uneasily. "Oh, I see. Something suspicious. No, senor. I guessed nothing. My nation are not good guessers at that sort of thing; and, therefore, I ask you plainly whether that wine-seller has spoken the truth in other particulars?"

Come what will the consequences! Then, while they hear in amazement, he further says; "Most inviting is this new creed. Our wise Roman scholars, as well as those in Greece, have only been guessers about the future life. But the Christus speaks as one who has come from the heavens. Those who keep his commandments are to dwell with him forevermore in eternal joy.

If the Bible said anything so idiotic as these guessers put forth in the name of science, scientists would have a great time ridiculing the sacred pages, but men who scoff at the recorded interpretation of dreams by Joseph and Daniel seem to be able to swallow the amusing interpretations offered by the Pennsylvania professor.

"You don't appreciate our position in this matter. We are not judges, but guessers. We sit in the stalls of a theater, watching people on the stage of real life playing four acts of a tragedy, and it is our business to construct the fifth, which is produced in court. Let me give you a wildly supposititious version of that fifth act now.

They also guessed as to which departments of their business paid the most profit, how much and what kind of material they should buy, where the best markets were to be found, what would be the best location for their stores and factories, and many other important factors of profitable enterprise. Some of these old worthies were good guessers.

The next evening we were in the theater, and when she appeared on the stage and shot a glance to the gallery Jake nudged me violently "But she does not know we are in the gallery," I argued. "She must think we are in the orchestra." "Hearts are good guessers." "Guessers nothing." " 'S-sh! Let's listen." Madame Klesmer was playing the part of a girl in a modern Russian town.

"Here, you close guessers, do you want another try, and I'll give you odds this time, if you come within ten feet you'll win. I want only two feet to come and go on." "All right. Pick your trees." You put down your guesses and I'll show you another trick." Sam studied it carefully and wrote Forty feet. Wes put down Forty-five. "Here, I want to be in this.

Hume, "I daresay you'll be interested in the news I am bringing you." "Wasn't I right?" cried Billie. "He was a prince?" "Or a duke, perhaps?" "Even a baron is pretty good." There was a long pause. "You are wonderful guessers," said the doctor. "He lived in a palace." "I knew it," cried Mary.

Jardine was himself a fine specimen of a Scotsman. With his little family about him, he was content to live in this remote place, accumulating the comforts of life. The fact of the Tarawa having been built in America accounted for the crew, boy Jim and all, being such good guessers. Strangely enough, though, Captain Jones himself, the only American aboard, was never heard to guess at all.

"They're mighty good guessers. It's a quarter after twelve. When a chief or a big man dies they bury him in the first hour of the new day. They're coming after Deane." He opened the door and stepped out into the night. Pelliter joined him. The Eskimos advanced without a sound and stopped in a shadowy group twenty paces from the cabin.