The Viscount was, however, too adroit a fencer to yield readily to such a fate. Careful, at first, only to defend himself, he met each thrust and pass with a parry which deepened the frown on Winter's brow, and having retreated to the edge of the duelling ground, he there held his position despite the fierceness of the onslaught.

Taquisara was not an exceptionally good fencer, and had spent very little time in the study of the art. He was bold, quick, and somewhat reckless, and in two or three slight affairs in which, like most men of his society in the south, he had been unavoidably engaged, he had wounded his adversaries rather by surprise and indifference to his own safety, than by any superior skill.

The movements of thought and action will, indeed, become as automatic as those which the trained fencer makes with his foil. Along with the habit of visualizing memories, and of storing them without the use of words, the student should undertake to enlarge his powers of conceiving spaces and directions as they exist in the field about him.

I wish you would take him in hand and give him a little fencing." "Who told you I could fence?" said the Doctor. "Why, I don't know; no one, I think. I have judged, I fancy, more by seeing you flourish your walking-stick than anything else. You are a fencer, are you not?" The Doctor laughed.

As the boy realized later, he fought Italian in principle, and used the best of French parries, ripostes, and tricks, upon occasion and his own perfected combination of the two schools made him, according to Captain Delorme, the best fencer in the King's army.

But with the skill of a fencer he met the blow and broke it, seizing the wrist. "It looks as though, we should go together," he said, pulling her toward him. Ruth was strong in body and soul. She fought him with tooth and nail. Three times she escaped. Chairs were overturned. Once she reached the bamboo curtain, clutched at it and tore it down as his arms went around her waist.

These words, and the contemptuous tone in which they were spoken, burst the flood-gates of Caracalla's painfully restrained passion; his voice rose harsh and loud, till the lion growled angrily and dragged at his chain, while his master flung hasty words of fury in the face of his enemy: "We shall soon see, my cunning fencer with words, whether I know how to follow your advice, and how sternly I can exercise that virtue denied to me by an assassin.

The thongs are cutting my skin. Might I beg you to loosen them? 'You do not give me credit for much intelligence, I remarked, repeating his own words. 'Touché, he cried, like a pinked fencer. 'But here come your men, so it matters little whether you loosen them or not. I ordered the gown to be stripped from him and placed him under a strong guard.

She dressed in male attire, was an adroit fencer, a bold rider, and a staunch royalist; she once took two hundred gold jacobuses from the Parliamentary General Fairfax on Hounslow Heath.

His light and firmly-knit frame made him an excellent runner and fencer, and a fearless rider at full speed; the privation of sleep did not affect him, and he knew like a soldier how to enjoy or to dispense with food.