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There are many of our friends who would be very glad to get you." "I'm no' sure, Miss Elliott. I have grown so fractious and contrary lately that maybe my sister winna care to have me. And as to another place " Nelly stopped suddenly. If she had said her say, it would have been that she could bear the thought of no other place. But she said nothing, and went away ran away, indeed.

"You are right, my dearest girl," said her father, "your grandmother must not be permitted to go alone in the present state of her health. Mrs. Elliott said she would on no account agree to this arrangement; but finding that nothing could shake Helen's resolution, she then proposed going only into Langholm, where she thought she might easily procure lodgings.

At the same time, the chiefs of the different tribe were holding a council to determine the fate of the remaining captives, when Tecumseh and colonel Elliott came down from the batteries to the scene of carnage.

At this moment there is on the floor a row of chairs overturned, to make, not horses and carriages as they used to do in my young days, but a train of cars, and on one of them sits Arthur Elliott Greenleaf, representing at once engine, whistle, conductor and freight.

Elliott Maybe if some of the folks on this line that's taken their receivers down so's they'll know who I'm talkin' to an' what I'm sayin' will hang up you can hear me a little more plain." I see Austin tearin' past like mad in your otter, and I says to Joe, 'That means Sylvia's all alone again, same as usual; I'm goin' to call her up an' visit with her a spell! Hot, ain't it?

"Amos Grant, who used to be after me long ago, couldn't. You never saw such a weather-vane. He jumped into the pond to drown himself once and then changed his mind and swum out again. Wasn't that like a man? Marshall would have stuck to it and drowned." "And he has a bit of a temper, they tell me," persisted Gilbert. "He wouldn't be an Elliott if he hadn't. I'm thankful he has.

As this was the first sign, in so protracted a period, that I might ever again establish relations with the world of men, it came upon me like a Friday's footprint, and in the moment of shock I did not catch what she said. "Anne Elliott, yonder, is asking you a question," she repeated, nodding at a very pretty gal down and across the table from me.

The Dutch Folly was garrisoned by 140 seamen, under the command of Commodore Elliott, while, to protect the squadron, two strong booms were thrown across the river, one above and the other below it. This terminated the year 1856.

"Alvord, you shock me you amaze me! How dare you talk to me of love, when my husband hasn't been dead a fortnight?" "What matter, Eunice? You never really loved Sanford " "I did I did!" "Not lately, anyhow. Perhaps just at first and then, not deeply. He carried you originally by storm it was an even toss-up whether he or Elliott or I won out.

He has a perfect alibi hasn't he, Mr. Stone?" "He sure has, Fibsy. And yet he was in the party that discussed the possibilities of killing people by the henbane route." "Yessir but so was Mr. Patterson Mis' Desternay said so." "The Patterson business must be looked into. I'll attend to that to-day I'll also see Mr. Elliott about that matter of personal loans that Mr.