Th' frinds iv honest money had give thim all to Jawn P. Hopkins's la-ads. They're frinds iv honest money, whin they'se no other in sight. But I'd like to see anny goold-bug or opprissor iv th' people keep th' likes iv me an' Hinnissy out iv a convintion. We braced up to wan iv th' dures, an' a man stopped Hinnissy. 'Who ar-re ye? he says. "I am a Dimmycrat, says Hinnissy.

Undaunted be th' stairs iv th' building or th' rude jeers iv th' multichood, they advanced to th' very outside dures iv th' idifice. There an overwhelmin' force iv three polismen opposed thim. 'What d'ye want, mum? asked the polls. 'We demand th' suffrage, says th' commander iv th' army iv freedom. "The brutal polis refused to give it to thim an' a desp'rate battle followed.

"Did ye iver see such an eye an' hand? That avil baste that's killed two Injins already an' all the men o' the place sneakin' behind dures, an' she walkin' up cool as leaf in mornin' dew, an' quietin' the divil's own! Did ye iver see annything like it, sir you that's seen so much?" "Madame, it is not touch of hand alone, or voice alone," answered Charley.

«Ce sont des roches dures

On some men's dures it hammers till it breaks down the dure and goes in an' wakes him up if he's asleep, an' aftherward it works fur him as a night watchman. On other men's dures it knocks an' runs away; an' on the dures of other men it knocks, an' whin they come out it hits thim over the head with an ax. But eviry wan has an opporchunity.

Vos erreurs sont-ils mechants? Non, vos tetes sont dures, Freres, j'avais aussi sur moi ce tas d'ordures, Des perles, des onyx, des saphirs, des rubis, Oui, j'avais sur moi, partout, sur mes habits, Sur mon ame; mais j'ai vide bien vite Chez les pauvres." The sacristan exhibited a tooth of St. Peter and skulls of the saints, but these are treasures we can look on without envy.

One wonders how young France en- dures it, and one is forced to believe that the French conscript has, in addition to his notorious good-humor, greater toughness than is commonly supposed by those who consider only the more relaxing influences of French civilization.

"'We will remain till th' last wan iv us perishes iv indigestion, says Jools. "'Thin I must take sthrong measures, says th' gin'ral. 'At a given signal we will storm th' house, bate down th' dures, smash in th' roofs, cut off th' gas, poison th' wather supply, back up th' sewer, break th' windys, an' r-raise th' rint." "'Do ye'er worst, says Jools, proudly.

I troid the dures. All toight as a politician. Shtill, t'inks I, I'll go insoide. Quiet as a lamb ut was, sorr; but on a suddent, as I was about to go back home again, I shmelt shmoke!" "Fire?" I cried, excitedly. "I said shmoke, sorr," said Barney, whose calmness was now beautiful to look upon, he was so serenely confident of his position. "Doesn't smoke involve a fire?" I demanded.

In th' sinit, bein' a modest child, he rayfused to speak f'r five minyits, but was fin'lly injooced f'r to make a few thousan' remarks on wan iv th' subjects now much discussed by orators whin th' dures ar-re closed an' th' fire escapes broken." "His subject was th' Ph'lippeens, an' he said he'd just come fr'm there.