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The snowy owl is, perhaps, the most beautiful, as it is one of the most powerful birds of its genus of which there are more than a dozen in North America. It is a bird of the Polar regions even the most remote and in the dead of winter it is found within the Arctic circle, on both Continents although at the same season it also wanders farther south.

We know from the Registrar-General's Reports, that a certain number of children say from one to two dozen die every year in England from drinking hot water out of spouts of teakettles. We know, that, among suicides, women and men past a certain age almost never use fire-arms. A woman who has made up her mind to die is still afraid of a pistol or a gun.

His column was to join that of Colonel Murray who, however, doubtless learning the great strength Holkar had with him, fell back and with only five battalions of Sepoys, and a dozen guns, it was practically impossible that Monson could, single handed, resist the attack of ninety thousand men.

They can spread themselves over a good deal of territory, and I'm blessed if some of 'em can't be in half a dozen places at once. There's a little English girl in the lot fourteen years or thereabouts that keeps a pretty sharp eye on them. Then they're mostly raised to taking care of themselves." Some one accosted him, and he turned away.

"I have never told you, I believe, why the sight of a red-skin throws me into such a fit, have I?" "No; I should certainly be glad to hear." "Wal, it doesn't take long to tell. Yet how few persons know it except myself. It is nigh thirty years ago," commenced Kent, "that I lived about a dozen miles above the place that we left this morning.

"But one ought to pay decent respect to a custom sanctioned by all civilized people. There will be a talk about it. Folks may think it our fault." "I do not believe half a dozen people would notice it. It's only a custom after all. I never did like it. We will see how she feels about it." "Chilian, you make that child of as much importance as if she was a woman grown.

The current was strong, and Marcy hugged the bank to keep out of it as much as he could, and by so doing brought himself to the notice of half a dozen sentries who compelled him to come ashore with the countersign.

Roosevelt's account of this exploration, given in his "The Brazilian Wilderness," belongs among the masterpieces of explorers' records. There were some twenty persons, including a dozen or fifteen native rowers and pack-bearers, in his party. They had canoes and dugouts, supplies of food for about forty days, and a carefully chosen outfit.

Misery Islands, near Salem, Massachusetts, were dug over, and under spiritual guidance, too, for other instalments of Mr. Kidd's acquisitions, but without avail. It takes no less than half a dozen ghosts to guard what is hidden in Money Hill, on Shark River, New Jersey, so there must be a good deal of it.

How I longed for a dashing American cutter, with a span of fast horses, a dozen strings of bells and an ebony driver! Such a turnout would rather astonish the northern solitudes, and the slow, quaint northern population. The next day we had a temperature ofabove zero, with snow falling, but succeeded in reaching Skellefteå for breakfast.