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Pa used it when he went to Culbertson to draw his pension. It would save the doctor a six or seven mile drive." "Now, that suggestion is to the point," cheerfully assented the trail foreman. "The herd will noon on the first divide, and we can post the boys of the cut-off. They'll surely meet the doctor this afternoon or evening.

Inquiry at Culbertson located a homesteader and his boy, anxious for work, and the two were engaged. "They're to report here on the 15th," said Joel, on his return. "It gives us six men in the saddle, and we can get out the first shipment with that number. The cook and wrangler may be a little green at first, but they're willing, and that masters any task.

Consider, my dear Culbertson, here was I safely in the Congo forests, and for two, three months I have lived there, like a native quietly; and of all the world there is to amuse me only the fauna and the flora which I know like my hand. But I discover a new species a papilio. But all the time I live quiet, and I wait.

The next news he had of his adversary was, that he had been killed in a drunken row in some town in Texas. Failing to find in Cincinnati, business congenial to his taste, my brother obtained, through our father's life-long friend, Captain John Culbertson, an appointment in the American Fur Company, and went to one of their stations on the Upper Missouri.

Well, good luck. Cazi Moto, take Mali-ya-bwana and two askari guns, and go with Bwana Nyele to the palace of M'tela." Scarcely had the group disappeared down the forest path when Kingozi was at the tent door of the Leopard Woman. "Hodie?" he pronounced the native word of one desiring entrance. "Who is there?" she asked in Swahili. "I Culbertson." A slight pause; then her voice: "Come."

Ah, there at last was exactly what I wanted "Patrick L. Curran, Colonel Sixth Ohio Light Artillery, McRoberts's Division, Thomas's Corps, assigned special service, staff Major-General Halleck, Washington, D. C." "Curran, Sixth Ohio" good; and the other? I glanced again at the open order. "Culbertson, Fourteenth Pennsylvania."

But it is an order, so I come, and I do my best. But now I am a prisoner, while I might be with the little people in the Congo. I talk much." "I fancy we are going to have a good deal to talk about," interjected Kingozi. "Ach! that is true! That is what I said that I am glad this is Culbertson who catches me. Yes! We must talk!" Cazi Moto glided to them. "Bath is ready, bwana," said he.

His favourite narrative that of his duel with Rathbone Culbertson was not omitted, and it was delivered with more fire, egotism, and gusto than the major himself put into it. The monologue concluded with a quaint, delicious, witty little lecture on the art of concocting a julep, illustrated by the act.

She really thought that she had destroyed the pilocarpin; she had not deliberately held from him the light of day! His high spirits expressed themselves in an animation and volubility so unlike the taciturn Culbertson that many of his acquaintances stared. "Seems quite bucked up," commented one to another. "Must have had a deuce of a time back here."

Indeed, I feel like a cat in a strange garret, and hesitated to appear at all. My only excuse for doing so was a promise made Colonel Culbertson previous to his being ordered out on duty. I am Colonel Curran, of the Sixth Ohio, but at present serving on the staff of General Halleck at Washington." The Major's round, red face glowed with welcome.