Near the former village may be seen the famous "Major Oak" and "Robin Hood's Larder". The full glory departed several centuries ago; Camden himself writes of "Sherewood, which some interpret as clear Wood, others as famous Wood, formerly one close continu'd shade with the boughs of trees so entangled in one another, that one could hardly walk single in the paths," that "at present it is much thinner, and feeds an infinite number of Deer and Stags".

"There was at Ephesus a lady, of so celebrated virtue, that the women of neighbouring nations came to join their admiration with that of her own country: This lady at the death of her husband not content with tearing her hair, or beating her breast, those common expressions of grief; but following him into the vault, where the body plac'd in a monument, she, after the Graecian custom, watch'd the corps, and whole nights and days continu'd weeping; the perswasions of parents nor relations cou'd divert her grief, or make her take anything to preserve life, the publick officers at last, she guarding the body for 'em, left the vault; and lamented by all for so singular an example of grief, liv'd thus five days without eating.

To have a scandal fixt on the very prime and vigour of my years, and to be reduc'd to the weakness of an old man? I beseech you, sir, give me an epitaph on my departed vigour; tho' in a great heat I had thus said, He still continu'd looking on the ground, Nor more, at this had rais'd his guilty head, Than th' drooping poppy on its tender stalk.

On Saturday, Octob. 3. a violent Storm overtook us, the Wind between North and East; which Easterly Winds and Foul Weather continu'd till Monday the 12th; by reason of which Storms and Foul Weather, we were forced to get off to Sea, to secure Ourselves and Ship, and were driven by the Rapidity of a strong Current to Cape Hatteras in Lat. 35 deg. 30 min.

During the whole Reign of this King, this Union of Parties continu'd without any considerable Interruption, there was indeed brooding Mischiefs which hovered over every accident, in order to generate Strife, but the Candor of the Prince, and the Prudence of his Ministers, kept it under for a long time. At last an occasion offer'd it self, which gave an unhappy Stroke to the Nation's Peace.

Eliza Haywood, "after some years of continu'd extravagance, the Duke, either through the natural Inconsistency of his Temper, or the Reflection how much he had been drawn in by his unworthy Companions to embezel his Estate ... began to think there were Comforts in Retirement; and falling into the Conversation of the sober part of Mankind, more than he had done, was persuaded by them to take home his Dutchess.... He brought her to his House; but Love had no part in his Resolution.

'Tis true they pass'd an Act or Grant of General Pardon, and Oblivion, as in all such Cases is usual, and as without which the other would never ha' come in, or have join'd Powers to form the Restoration they were bringing to pass, but the old Feud of Religion continu'd with this addition, that the Dissenters were Rebels, Murtherers, King-killers, Enemies to Monarchy and Civil Government, lovers of Confusion, popular, anarchial Governments, and movers of Sedition; that this was in their very Nature and Principles, and the like.

It is to be observ'd, that this last Consolidator was in a manner quite worn out. It had indeed continu'd but 3 Year, which was the stated Time by Law, but it had been so Hurry'd, so Party Rid, so often had been up in the Moon, and made so many such extravagant Flights, and unnecessary Voyages thither, that it began to be exceedingly worn and defective.

Eumolpus, concern'd at our grief, and particularly mindful of Gito's tenderness to him; "surely," says he, "y'are the greatest of fools, who have souls enrich'd with virtues, that may make ye happy, yet live a continu'd martyrdom, raising to your selves every day new occasions of grief; I, wherever I am, make my life as pleasant and free from trouble, as if I expected no more of it: If you'll imitate me, never let cares disturb your quiet.

Monday the 23d, we went, with our Long-Boat well victuall'd and mann'd, up Hilton's River; and when we came three Leagues, or thereabouts, up the same, we found this and Green's River to come into one, and so continu'd for four or five Leagues, which makes a great Island betwixt them.