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In 1755, the Middletown Association advised licensing candidates for the ministry for a term of years. The idea was to prevent errors arising from the personal interpretation of the Scriptures and indifference to dogmatic truths of religion from creeping into the churches. About the same time, the Consociation of New Haven invited their former member, Mr.

The measures of the General Consociation were mild in comparison with the laws passed by the legislature in the following May. Governor Talcott, tolerant toward all religious dissenters, had recently died, and the conservative Jonathan Law of Milford was in the chair of the chief magistrate.

I said, "None at all;" and that the doctrine of correspondences had been concealed for some thousands of years, ever since the time of Job; and that with those who lived at that time, and before it, the science of correspondences was their chief science, whence they derived wisdom, because they derived knowledge respecting the spiritual things of heaven and the church; but that this science, on account of its being made idolatrous, was so extirpated and destroyed by the divine providence of the Lord that no visible traces of it were left remaining; that nevertheless at this time it has been again discovered by the Lord, in order that the men of the church may have conjunction with him, and consociation with the angels; which purposes are effected by the Word, in which all things are correspondences.

O ye hypocrites! ye denounce slavery; then ye bid it live, and not die, in that ye buy sugar, rice, tobacco, and, above all, cotton! Ye hypocrites! ye abuse the devil, and then fall down and worship him! ye hypocrites, ye New England hypocrites, ye Old England hypocrites, ye French hypocrites, ye Uncle Tom's Cabin hypocrites, ye Beecher hypocrites, ye Rhode Island Consociation hypocrites!

His own line was the axiom of his moral existence, his political creed: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"; and I can fancy no coarser consociation able to win him from this faith. Had he been born in squalor, he would have emerged a gentleman.

The Old Lights in the legislature of 1743 passed the repeal of the Toleration Act because the New Lights had no commanding vote; but they were increasing throughout the colony. Fairfield East Consociation had licensed Brainerd the year that Yale expelled him.

no clergyman or number of clergymen or ecclesiastical council of whatever denomination have right to make religious creeds, canons or articles of faith and impose them upon any man or church on earth requiring subscription to them.... A church should be the sole judge of its pastor's teachings so long as he teaches nothing expressly contrary to the Bible. ... The Consociation has no right to pretend that it is a divinely instituted assembly with the Saybrook Platform for its charter, imposing a tyranny more intolerable on the people than that from which they are trying to free themselves.

Outside of Baptist or Separatist, there were other afflicted churches, such as that of Wallingford, where the New Lights could complain that, in 1758, the Consociation of New Haven county had refused to install the candidate of the majority, Mr.

Timon in the wilderness, Diogenes in his tub, could not have been mentally more isolated from annoying human consociation than was at the moment Mr. Heatherbloom, perched on a rickety stool amid a conglomeration of females struggling for lingerie. Suddenly he stirred. "Have you a book department?" he asked an employee. "Straight across; last aisle to the left." Mr.

"But I am not in league with evil spirits to do harm to my fellow-men. I do not wish evil to any one," he argued. "You are in such evil consociation," whispered a voice within him. "There are but two great parties in the world the evil and the good. No middle ground exists. You are with one of these working for the good of your fellow-men, or for their injury.