"It was the Long Vacation before last," said the Girton girl, "and I went on a reading-party to Bantry Bay, with Wyndham and Toole of Somerville, and Clare of Lady Margaret's. Leighton coached us." "Dear me! With all these young men, my dear?" asked the maiden aunt. "They were all women of my year, except Miss Leighton of Newnham, who was our coach," answered the Girton girl composedly. "Dear me!

Seldom, if ever, has a more strangely assorted party met at dinner than that which gathered in the Hotel Kursaal under the social wing of Mrs. de la Vere. Her husband, while being coached in essentials, was the first to discover its incongruities. "Where Miss Wynton is concerned, you are warned off," his wife told him dryly. "You must console yourself with Mrs. Badminton-Smythe.

The French Bishop Pompallier appeared in full canonicals, and it was found that chiefs under his influence had been well coached to oppose the new departure. Behind the scenes, too, that worst of beachcombers, Jacky Marmon, secretly made all the mischief he could.

You will be imagining high tragedy on stormy nights when we shall be having a jolly game of poker. Good-night. I shall be absent for a time, going to West Point to be coached a little by my friend Captain Varrum."

She soon secured a position as nursery governess, but erelong she realized that she was unqualified, never having been coached for any but high social life. Under promise of marriage, she agreed to go with him.

We took him into confidence, coached him up in everything, furnished him with all the papers in the pocket-book, and resolved to pass him off as the real Marston Greyle." Mr. Petherton stirred angrily in his chair and turned a protesting face on Sir Cresswell. "Apart from being irregular," he exclaimed, "this is altogether outrageous! This woman is openly boasting of conspiracy and "

It was Dawkins who had coached First Trinity, and whom I, as a visitor once at the crew's training dinner, had last seen going through the ancient and honourable process of de-bagging at the hands of his light-hearted boat. "Come on," said Malim. "Godfrey Lane's going to sing a patriotic song. They will let him do it. We'll go down to the Temple and find John Hatton."

The few thousands who had escaped the British are collecting at Fort Pitt to steal the Indian's land." Heckewelder vigorously denied all these assertions, knowing they had been invented by Girty and Elliott. He exhausted all his skill and patience in the vain endeavor to show Pipe where he was wrong. Half King had been so well coached by the renegades that he refused to listen.

But any relief I may have felt was dissipated at once. Ronnie Turnbull, also, evidently shared that opinion. The boyish and rather theatrical movement with which he turned his back upon me, showed at once that he had been coached in the suspicions that were now so finally clinched. "This fellow simply isn't worth speaking to," was the inarticulate message of his gesture.

Now, with all these "big" scenes filmed, the more difficult work of making the individual scenes of action came to the fore. Wonota had to be coached over and over again in her scenes with Mr. Grand and Miss Keith. Both the latter were well-practised screen actors and could register the ordinary gamut of emotions as easily as they ate their breakfast or powdered their noses.