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And thanne he commanded, that men scholde bynden hem to gedre, in 3 places; and than he toke hem to his eldest sone, and bad him breke hem alle to gedre. And he enforced hem with alle his myght to breken hem: but he ne myghte not. And than the Chane bad his seconde sone to breke hem; and so schortly too alle, eche aftre other: but non of hem myght breke hem.

He was banded and strapped all over, like a mummy, and he lay gnashing his teeth and foaming with fury. Raoul and the Irishman appeared to take things more easily, or rather more recklessly. "I wonder if they are going to hang us to-night, or keep us till morning? What do you think, Chane?" asked the Frenchman, laughing as he spoke. "Be the crass! they'll lose no time ye may depind on that same.

father said they was a lot of old fellows traveling round the country and talking that way who coodent have been drug into the war with a ox chane. then he stood on the other leg a while and said, it is peculiarly aproprate that Exeter, the berth place of Lewis Cas, the educater of Webster, the home of Amos Tuck, of General Marston shood be fourmost in the party strife, and as for me i wirk only for my partys good, my countrys good, without feer or hope of reward. they was a lot more to it, and some of it you cood hear about a mile he hollered so.

And what's this?" continued he, turning to Chane and examining his shoulders. "Bah! soldado raso Irlandes, carajo!" There, renegade!" and he kicked the Irishman in the ribs. "Thank yer honner!" said Chane, with a grunt, "small fayvours thankfully received; much good may it do yer honner!" "Here, Lopez!" shouted the brigand. "Now for the fire!" thought we.

There was a villainous expression upon his lips as he watched the girl moving over the floor; and once or twice I caught him scowling upon Chane, who, in his usual Irish way, was "blarneying" with Jesusita, and helping her to fan the charcoal. "Where's the padre?" whispered Raoul to our host. "He was in the rinconada this morning." "In the rinconada!" exclaimed the Frenchman, starting.

Aftre Ecchecha, regned Guyo Chane: and aftre him, Mango Chan, that was a gode Cristene man, and baptized, and zaf lettres of perpetuelle pes to alle Cristene men, and sente his brother Halaon with gret multytude of folk, for to wynnen the Holy Lond, and for to put it in to Cristene mennes hondes, and for to destroye Machametes lawe, and for to take the Calyphee of Baldak, that was emperour and lord of alle the Sarazines.

The iguana was soon skinned and broiled, and we all of us commenced eating with good appetites. "Be Saint Pathrick!" said Chane, "this bates frog-atin' all hollow. It's little meself dhramed, on the Owld Sod, hearin' of thim niggers in furrin parts, that I'd be turning kannybawl meself some day!" "Don't you like it, Murtagh?" asked Raoul jocosely.

"We heern yur shot, Cap'n," said Lincoln, "an' we guessed yur didn't shoot without somethin' ter shoot for; so I tuk half a dozen files and kim up." "You acted right, sergeant; but where are the " I was looking towards the edge of the tank where I had last seen the girls. They had disappeared. "If yez mane the faymales," answered Chane, "they're vamosed through the threes.

While the guerilleros were occupied with Chane and his saints, I observed the boy roll himself over and over, until he lay close up against the hunter. One of the guerilleros, noticing this, picked Jack up by the waistbelt, and, holding him at arm's length, shouted out: "Mira, camarados! qui briboncito!"

The tother gret Chane, that cam aftre him, becam a Payneme, and alle the other aftre him. The kyngdom of Cathay is the grettest reme of the world.

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