Faix, we was givin' lessons in it to all mankind whin th' dom raggety-britched tattherdemalions iv Scotchmen hadn't th' dacincy to wear kilts, even, but wint about bare to th' four winds iv hivin, a barbarious race lower nor a Digger Injun, a scandal to God, man, and faymales black and white." "Well, maybe you're right about them old times, Corney," admitted McHale, with an innocent face.

"We heern yur shot, Cap'n," said Lincoln, "an' we guessed yur didn't shoot without somethin' ter shoot for; so I tuk half a dozen files and kim up." "You acted right, sergeant; but where are the " I was looking towards the edge of the tank where I had last seen the girls. They had disappeared. "If yez mane the faymales," answered Chane, "they're vamosed through the threes.

We've been lookin' all around for ages afther a partner a r'y'l consort. All the iligible faymales av all the coorts av Europe have been solicitin' our alliance. But none av thim wor shuitable. No. Without love, we won't marry we won't adopt the infernal system ay state marriages. Where our heart isn't concerned our r'y'l hand don't go not a bit av it.

'My dear Ma'am, says he, lifting his hand and shaking his head, with closed eyes, 'you forget my caracter. Why, the house is full iv faymales. My darlin' Mrs.

"O, by this and by that, Misther Maguire," says the Pope, "I'll have none of your insinivations; I don't care who sees my whole household," says he; "I don't care if all the faymales undher my roof was paraded down the High Street of Room," says he. "O, it's plain to be seen how little you care who sees them," says his Riv'rence.

Only, if you can keep a secret, so can I." "Pat," said she, "desire the coachman to stop at the white gate, where two faymales will be waitin' for it, and let the guard come down and open the door for us; so that we won't have occasion to spake. It's aisy to know one's voice, Pat."

"You are to understand," said he, "that Purcel and his two sons are this night to die, and their house and pleece to be reduced to ashes. There is one thing, however, that I must strongly impress upon you remember that you are not to injure any of the faymales of the family in the slightest degree.

"Thrue, yer honour," replied the blacksmith, as he received the instrument, "there's a great want of faymales in thim parts; but the sailors have consinted to ripresint the purty craytures on the present occasion, which is but right, for, ye see, the most o' thim's shorter nor us, an' their wide breeches are more like the pitticoats than our leggin's."