So sure, however, was this gentleman of his success, and so little had his friends anticipated any opposition, that they had actually got every thing prepared for chairing him, and had ordered the dinner, which was to celebrate the event, to be ready immediately after the election had closed on Monday; as they calculated that the election would be nothing more than a mere matter of form, which would occupy them for only a very few hours.

No wonder, then, that the honourable member's glory was too great for his prudence: scarcely had the poll closed, when it became generally known in front of the Stopford Arms, that there were two barrels of strong beer, which his liberality had devoted to the populace. On the publication of this intelligence, the ancient ceremony of chairing went on with more than usual vigour.

The thought that Fenn's presence at the beginning of the innings, instead of at the end, would have made all the difference between a loss and a victory, maddened them. The crowd that seethed in front of the pavilion was a turbulent one. For a time the operation of chairing Fenn up the steps occupied the active minds of the Kayites.

From my recollection of the chairing I saw that time, I am more inclined to admire the activity of Wilberforce, of whom we read, when elected for Hull, ‘When the procession reached his mother’s house, he sprang from the chair, and, presenting himself with surprising quickness at a projecting windowit was that of the nursery in which his childhood had been passedhe addressed the populace with such complete effect that he was afterwards able to decide the election of its successor.’ At Norwich the Hon.

Nay, so thoroughly convinced of this was the Rump, that they actually ordered the CAR, and got it prepared for chairing their candidate, Mr.

Those Electors of Bristol who, on the 2nd of June, with MR. H. HUNT at their head, assembled to celebrate the return of Sir Francis Burdett. 8. Mr. Jennings, our worthy Chairman. 10. The Election Committee. This chairing and dinner-meeting excited the attention not only of the metropolis but the whole kingdom.

Like Falstaff, however, in this point, though not in wit, Adams has, ever since poor Cowlam's death, had the meanness to claim the honour which belongs to another. Cowlam also rode the white horse, as the 11 emblem of purity," at the epoch of the first chairing; which unlucky animal Mister Cleary has since mounted!

The men came nearer, some twenty in all, and in the midst of them was one man seated in a chair and carried by four others. "What can they be doing with Rayner?" exclaimed Mr. Burnet. "Why are they chairing him?" "Hurrah for Rayner! Hurrah for New Zealand! Hurrah for everybody! Half-time to-day and a sovereign apiece! Hurrah for Rayner and New Zealand!"

"It will hardly pay for the chairing," said Egremont; "the restoration of the family influence was celebrated on so great a scale." "The family influence must be supported," said Lord Marney, "and my mother will give you a thousand pounds; as I said, that will not do much for you, but I like her spirit.

As it was settled amongst the parties, that Davis was to meet with no opposition from either MR. PROTHEROE or SIR SAMUEL ROMILLY, he expected a chairing on the Monday, amidst the shouts of some score or two of hired voices. How great was his surprise, then, and how great the consternation of his party, when they saw it announced that Mr. Hunt was about to make his appearance!