When Queen Elizabeth in 1572 ordered a fleet of these "Beggars" to leave, they crossed over to their own shores and drove the Spanish garrison out of Brille. This success encouraged the Dutch and many of the southern Netherlanders to rise and expel the Spanish soldiers from their towns.

Mademoiselle LESCOT, tired of obtaining applause at the Theatre du Vaudeville, wished to do the same on a larger theatre. Here, she has not even the consolation of saying "Tel brille au second rang, qui s'eclipse au premier."

He was descended from old Cobus Webber of the Brille in Holland, one of the original settlers, famous for introducing the cultivation of cabbages, and who came over to the province during the protectorship of Oloffe Van Kortlandt, otherwise called the Dreamer.

The whole of the Netherlands was seething under Alva's savage rule; trade, already in a fair way to be ruined by the cessation of commerce with England since the seizure of the treasure ships, was being throttled also by the system of taxation which Alva had recently instituted. The capture of Brille fired the train. City after city raised the standard of revolt.

The butter round the omelette was bubbling in the dish, the brille had had its red rind removed and replaced by fried breadcrumbs, the white wine was light and sweet, and with the coffee afterwards they were given as much sugar as they wished. "I have seen her before somewhere," said Julien, as the scarlet head receded among the shadows of the back room. "I wonder where?"

The rebellion which Alva fancied he had utterly stamped out was suddenly in full blaze once more; and on the south, Mons, like Brille, was seized by a rapid dash of Lewis of Nassau, operating from French territory.

Sitting at a small table, with a white cloth, among the half-dozen American soldiers who, having long finished their lunch, were playing cards and dominoes, they ordered bread-soup, an omelette, white wine, brille cheese and their own ration of bully beef which they had brought in tins to be fried with onions. A woman appeared from the door of the kitchen, carrying their bowl of bread-soup.

Monsieur Baptiste took off his hat, blushing at the hint Colonel Esmond ventured to give him, and said: "Tenez, elle est jolie, la petite mere. Foi de Chevalier! elle est charmante; mais l'autre, qui est cette nymphe, cet astre qui brille, cette Diane qui descend sur nous?" And he started back, and pushed forward, as Beatrix was descending the stair.

This so far as regards War is the chief foundation of the truth of the French proverb: "Tel brille au second qui s' e'clipse an premier." In those motives to bold action which arise from the pressure of necessity we must make a distinction. Necessity has its degrees of intensity.

L'autel brille, l'encens fume, La victime s'embellit, L'amour meme la consume, Le mystere s'accomplit. "Do you believe it is possible to translate this beautiful stanza into German?" said the king. "If your majesty allows me, I will translate it at once," said he. "Give me a piece of paper and a pencil." "Take them," said Frederick.