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It was open. For a second she had a wild thought that Miss Brennan might have been wandering in her wits that Mrs. Wade, or Bridyeen Sweeney she had come to calling her that in her mind was still in the house. She looked into the little hall. It was bright with a long ray from the white sun that peered below a cloud, seeming to her dazzled eyes surrounded by a coruscation of coloured rays.

Aunt Grace thought very well of her; she told the old woman she ought not to have Bridyeen serving in the bar. She was a beautiful little creature, like a moss rosebud, such dark hair and the beautiful colour and the ardent look in her eyes. Old Mrs. Dowd answered Aunt Grace with a haughtiness equal to her own. Aunt Grace was very angry: she said the old woman was insolent.

And the woman at Waterfall Cottage they will talk even though I don't encourage them is Bridyeen Sweeney that was. I wonder some of them didn't chance on that." He murmured excuses to Patsy for the peril he had narrowly escaped. "She answers to my hand like a horse," he said. "That time I was dreaming and I pulled her a bit too suddenly."

'Tisn't likely I wouldn't know her when I seen her agin. What's twinty years when you're my age? She didn't say I'd made a mistake when I called her Bridyeen. She's gone now, an' I'll miss her. 'Tis a lonesome road without a friend on it, for I'm too ould to take to an Englishwoman, though yon's a quiet crathur at the lodge." Lady O'Gara was recovering her power of speech.

Don't you know that Stella is Terence's daughter?" No; she had not known. That was plain enough in her face. "Oh, no," she said in a bewildered way. "Stella is the daughter of Gaston de St. Maur...." "Grace Comerford said so, or she allowed people to believe it. Did she ever say so? Stella is the daughter of Terence Comerford and Bridyeen Sweeney, whom you know as Mrs. Wade.

"I dunno what at all came to Bridyeen," he murmured to himself. "She was as pretty as a picture, like a little rose she was, and so modest in all her ways. Even my grandfather used to say there was nothing against Bridyeen. I wouldn't have thought it of Mr. Terence either that he'd be tryin' to turn the little girl's head and he the Mistress's cousin an' they as good as promised.

The memories unfolded themselves like the scenes of a cinematograph, slipping past his mind. He remembered Bridyeen Sweeney, whose delicate beauty used to draw the gentlemen to Dowd's long ago.

I will tell you what happened the night Terence was killed. I had been praying and pleading with him to right Bridyeen, for I knew that there was a baby coming. Never had I so pleaded with any one. I remember that I sweated for sheer anguish, although the night was cold. I don't know what possessed Terence, unless it was the whisky. He told me to go and marry you and leave his affairs alone.

She was frightened at first, but afterwards she seemed glad to see me. She is very lonely. No one goes to see her but Mrs. Horridge, a good creature but Bridyeen is a natural lady. I must not go there again though she is a grey-haired woman older than her years it was strange that I recognized her after twenty years; there are beasts who will talk."

She remembered how Shawn had always said that Bridyeen was innocent and simple. They had arrived at the gate, one half of it swinging loose from the hinges; the stone balls, once a-top of the gate-posts, were down on the ground, having brought a portion of the gate-post with them. Lady O'Gara glanced at the lodge.