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Not all the scalding tears of care Shall wash away that vision fair; Not all the thousand thoughts that rise, Not all the sights that dim her eyes, Shall e'er usurp the place Of that little angel-face. And then she remembered what remained to be done. She saw that all was right in the house; her father was still dead asleep on the settle, in spite of all the noise of the night.

He closed the dome window, looked a moment at the brave Kansas motto, radiant in the sunset light, and then, picking up his tools, he went downstairs. "Hello, Trench I he called as he reached the rotunda floor. I must see you a minute." "Hello, you Angel-face! Case of necessity. Well, look a minute," Trench drawled.

It is an eternity since we met, and now one more look at your angel-face, for I come to bid adieu to it forever." She started, repeating his words, "Bid adieu adieu!" "Yes, sweet one, adieu. Some wiseacre has guessed the secret which I had fondly imagined was known to God and to myself only. And yet, Therese, I have never even told myself how passionately I love you!

"No," said he, gazing earnestly upon her; "it was but yesterday. I know now that it was but yesterday. You are just the same unchanged, my Laura. This is the same angel-face which I have carried in my heart. Nothing is changed, and I thank God for it. It would have been a great grief to look upon you and find a strange face by my side. This is my Laura, my own Laura, who left me sixteen years ago.

I folded her to my heart, and, for a little while, we were both silent. Presently we sat down, side by side; and her angel-face was turned upon me with the welcome I had dreamed of, waking and sleeping, for whole years. She was so true, she was so beautiful, she was so good, I owed her so much gratitude, she was so dear to me, that I could find no utterance for what I felt.

"Oh, yes, I can always outrun Angel-face," she exclaimed. "We fight sometimes but I can get things away from her. She has to give in. Sometimes I feel older I always take the lead." Eugene rejoiced in the sobriquet of Angel-face. It suited Angela, he thought. She looked like pictures of Angels in the old prints and in the stained glass windows he had seen.

With a strong effort the Pope raised himself and looked into the pleading Angel-face. With his sudden movement, Gherardi and Moretti also stirred from their frozen attitudes of speechless amazement, and would have approached, but that the Pope signed them away with so fierce and impatient a gesture that they shrank back appalled.

Mercy! how can the boy be so generous!" Tacks bore up bravely under this panegyric of praise and his face wore a rapt expression which amounted almost to religious fervor. "What did you give the janitor, Angel-Face?" I asked. "Only just another remembrance," Tacks answered, solemnly. "I happened to find a poor, little dead mouse under the gas range and I thought I'd farewell the janitor with it."

"Well, isn't that the limit?" said Adelaide, with emphasis on the "isn't," for which she received a disapproving look from her mother, so far as her almost angel-face could give such a look. "So far as human ingenuity has yet devised," replied Percy, "this system appears to be the limit; but this limit has not yet been reached on any Westover soil.

The little Louis Charles was of that sweet and touching beauty that brings tears into one's eyes, and fills the heart with sadness, because the thought cannot be suppressed, that life, with its rough, wintry storms, will have no pity on this tender blossom of innocence, and that the beaming, angel-face of the child must one day be changed into the clouded, weather-beaten, furrowed face of the man.