For a moment he lost control of himself. "Why Mr. Orden?" he demanded passionately. "He is the youngest member of the Council. He knows nothing of our negotiations with Freistner. Surely I am the person with whom you should communicate?" "It will be very late to-night," she reminded him, "and Mr. Orden is my personal friend outside the Council." "And am I not?" he asked fiercely. "I want to be.

Hannaway Wells remained standing upon the hearthrug. "Straight into the heart of it, please, Orden," Mr. Stenson begged. "Let us know how far this accursed conspiracy has gone." "It has gone to very great lengths," Julian declared. "Certain members of this newly-formed Council of Labour have been in communication for some months with the Socialist Party in Germany.

"You are all old-fashioned and stiff with prejudice," Furley declared. "Even Orden," he went on, turning to Catherine, "only tolerates me because we ate dinners off the same board when we were both making up our minds to be Lord High Chancellor." "Our friend Furley," Julian confided, as he leaned across the table and took a cigarette, "has no tact and many prejudices.

Orden, sir, I'm trying to keep respectful, but it's a hard thing. I've been reading the evening papers. There's an article, signed `Paul Fiske', in the Pall Mall. They tell me that you're Paul Fiske. You're for peace, it seems for peace with the German Emperor and his bloody crew." "I am in favour of peace on certain terms, at the earliest possible moment," Julian admitted.

Pendomer said abruptly, "I have half a mind to tell you some of the things I know about Aline Van Orden." "Please don't," said Colonel Musgrave, "for I would inevitably beard you on my own porch and smite you to the door-mat. And I am hardly young enough for such adventures." "And poor Aline is dead!

"I shall look after you myself," she insisted. "Mr. Orden is wanted to play billiards. Lord Shervinton is anxious for a game." "I shall be delighted," Julian answered promptly. He moved to the door and held it open. Catherine gave him her fingers and a little half-doubtful smile. "If only you were not so cruelly obstinate!" she sighed. He found no words with which to answer her.

Draper, and which appealed to Sterne’s admirers. Pankraz’s new Order of the Garter, born of his wild frenzy of devotion over this article of Elisa’s wearing apparel, is an open satire on Leuchsenring’s and Jacobi’s silly efforts noted elsewhere. The garter was to bear Elisa’s silhouette and the deviceOrden vom Strumpfband der empfindsamen Liebe.”

I am thinking of replacing them tomorrow morning, if I can get Mr. Orden to help me." "How long has the car been there in its present condition, then?" the Colonel enquired. "Since about five o'clock yesterday afternoon," she replied. "You don't think it possible that it could have been out on the road anywhere last night, then?" "Out on the road!" she laughed.

"Not from Tommy's mouth?" repeated Norah. "No, Mrs. Van Orden, you may be certain of that. The roots of a child's teeth undergo a certain amount of disintegration before it is ready to give place to the permanent teeth. We will not go into the mechanical and biological reasons for this destruction; it is not important. While this is a deciduous tooth, I mean a baby tooth, it is not Thomas's tooth.

She was standing with her back to them, looking out seawards. She did not move even at the mention of her name. "A dreary spot at night, I dare say," the Prime Minister remarked, without overmuch interest. "How do we get home from here, Orden? I haven't forgotten your warning about luncheon, and this air is giving me a most lively appetite."