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Tietkens very tritely remarked, sadder but wiser men. Our position here is by no means enviable, for although there is plenty of permanent water in this range, it appears to be surrounded by such extensive deserts that advance or retreat is equally difficult, as now I had no water in tanks or otherwise between this and Fort Mueller, and not a horse might ever reach that goal.

But Jones had ways of consoling himself that were very commonplace. I am doing all the evil I can, he vindictively reflected, and it was with the comfort of his animosity about him that, ultimately, he was shown into an office bright and, on this May forenoon, very airy that gave on Broad Street. Dunwoodie, twisting in a chair, glared at him. "Ecce iterum Crispinus!" Jones tritely began.

"As for me, I am, as you are, all at sea, self-confidence gone, self-faith lost a very humble person, without conceit, dazed, perplexed, but still attempting to steer through toward that safe anchorage which I dared lately to recommend to you. "And it is really there, Alixe, despite the fool who recites his creed so tritely.

Clarke exclaimed, with seeming surprise. "It is said tritely but truly, that great minds travel the same roads," Ernest observed, inwardly pleased. "No," the older man subtly remarked, "but they reach the same conclusion by a different route." "And you attach serious importance to our fancy?" "Why not?" Clarke was gazing abstractedly at the bust of Balzac.

"The scenery is fine, is it not?" remarked Claudius tritely as they neared Baden. "Oh yes, for Europe. We manage our landscapes better in America." "How so?" "Swivels. You can turn the rocks around and see the other side." Claudius laughed a little, but Barker did not smile. He was apparently occupied in inventing a patent transformation landscape on wheels.

He could not help seeing that Flora was worrying a great deal over her father, and that the relations between herself and Mama Joy were, to put it mildly and tritely, strained.

It was only to be expected that the announcement of a lecture with such an alluring title by such a distinguished scholar and scientist as Professor Franklin Marmion should fill the theatre of the Royal Society, as the reporters said tritely but truly, "to its utmost capacity."

It is recorded in the report of the Death Valley expedition that after a year of abundant rains, on the Colorado desert was found a specimen of Amaranthus ten feet high. A year later the same species in the same place matured in the drought at four inches. One hopes the land may breed like qualities in her human offspring, not tritely to "try," but to do.

Thus Joy Molineau spoke her mind to Jack Harrington, even as she had spoken it, but more tritely and in his own tongue, to Louis Savoy the previous night. "Listen, Joy " "No, no; why moos' I listen to lazy mans? It is vaire bad, you hang rount, make visitation to my cabin, and do nothing. How you get grub for the famine? Why haf not you the dust? Odder mans haf plentee." "But I work hard, Joy.

She kissed the assaulted ear, and pirouetted over to the broad window-seat, looking in her simple morning gown like a school-girl. "Wonder how you do it," grumbled Dr. Elliot. "Up all night roistering like a sophomore " "I was in bed at three." "Down next morning, fresh as a a " "Rose," she supplied tritely. " cake o' soap," concluded her uncle.