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"Oh, yass'm, it wah de salvation o' de Lawd 'pon cloudy nights; but time an' ag'in us had to sepa'ate, 'llowin' fo' to rejine togetheh on de bank o' de nex' creek, an' which, de Lawd a-he'pin' of us, h-it al'ays come to pass; an' so, afteh all, Miss Maud, de one thing what stan' us de bes' frien' night 'pon night, next to Gawd hisse'f, dat wah his clock in de ske-eye."

Fair, when we South'enehs speak of a jamboree, a jamboree is any getherin' wherein the objec' o' the getherin' is the puppose fo' which they come togetheh, an' the joy and the jumble ah equal if not superiah to each otheh." Virginia brought up a grunt from very far down, which might have been either admiration or amusement.

"What is it?" she asked. "Nothing my deah nothing at all. I was just wondering how a woman's ah sense of propo'tion was put togetheh. But your plan has merit. Do I understand that you will faveh me with your help?" "Why, ye-es, certainly, if I can," she assented, not without dubiety. "That is, I'll be nice to Mr. Winton." "That is precisely what I mean, my deah.

How nice dat is!" "Yass, it nice faw him. An' it useful faw me. We in cahoots in dis-yeh lan' boom. O, yass, me an' him an' Gyarnit an' Gamble, all togetheh like fo' brethers. I plays the fife, Johnnie beats the drum, Gyarnit wear the big hat an' flerrish the stick, an' Gamble, he tote the ice-wateh!" The two laughed so heartily as to swing against each other. "Escuse me!" said Mr.

The voice came from a dark place on the sidewalk in Suez. "Don't you know me, Gen'l? You often used to see me an' Majo' Gyarnet togetheh; yes, sah. My name's Cornelius Leggett, sah." "Why, Cornelius, to be sure! I thought I smelt whiskey. What can I do for you?"

I made a poor effort to lift her, but she would not be displaced. "Cayn't no two people count fo' sho' on stayin' togetheh al'ays in dis va-ain worl'," and all at once I found my face in my hands and the salt drops searching through my fingers; Sidney was kissing my feet and wetting them with her tears.

Pies is foh de officers and gen'lems, sah, and of co'se Ah don't give pie to de men, sah, not even in dey vittles, sah, even if dey was pie, which dey wa'n't, sah, fob dis we'y day Mistah Falk he wants pie and stew'd he come, and me and he, sah, we sho' ransack dis galley, sah, and try like we can, not even two of us togetheh, sah, can sca' up a piece of pie foh Mistah Falk, sah, and he "

But I think that will be soon. Her mother has had these attacks before. I have good hopes that before long Mrs. Richling will actually be here." Richling began to move away down the crowded market-house, but Narcisse said: "Thass yo' di'ection? 'Tis the same, mine. We may accompany togetheh if you'll allow yo' 'umble suvvant?" "Come along! You do me honor!"

"Uv co'se!" The reptile giggled, squirted and nodded. " With General Austin," I continued, " and with Lieutenant Ferry?" "She air!" He was pleased. "Yass, we all good frien's togetheh." "But if she oh, yes! Yes, to be sure; she could easily have got here yesterday afternoon." "Thass thess when she arrove!" It was fascinating to watch the animal's cunning play across his face.

Evm then I never suspicioned but what that was all until Miss Fannie an' Miss Barb come in an' begin banterin' not only Motheh Tombs but me, if you'll believe it, to lie down an' rest a while befo' we came roun' here to suppeh! Still I 'llowed to myself, s'I, it's jest a few old frien's they've gotten togetheh.