"We won't talk about it now," he said lightly. "We will talk instead of your career. You remember that night at Ran's when you recited for me? I can hear you now saying those lines: 'Or if thou think'st I am too quickly won I'll frown and be perverse, and say thee nay.

He had come through the passes, alike in the conduct of wars, and in the higher mission of spreading light and happiness on the wings of peace. But much sunshine had covered his track, and it was a light which would not fail. What think'st thou of our Empire now, though earn'd With travail difficult?

And then the care for tomorrow! Think'st thou, Henbane Dwining, that, in very reality, the Wounds of the slaughtered corpse will gape and shed tears of fresh blood at the murderer's approach?" "I cannot tell, my lord, save by report," said Dwining, "which avouches the fact."

But I am poor, thou think'st, and should hold my peace, lest men say, 'Speak, sirrah, when you should. Know, however, that, indigent and plundered as I am, I feel myself dishonoured in holding even but this much talk with the tool of usurping rebels.

'I know; and the time may come, though, thank God, it is not yet. What wouldst thou say, countess, if with all thy honours thou did yet come to poverty? Canst be poor and merry, think'st thou? 'So thou wert with me, Herbert Glamorgan, I would say, but my lips frame not themselves to the word. I like not the title greatly, but when it means thee to me, then shall I love it.

'Madam, it must be something precious indeed, said Dorothy, 'for I have not heard your ladyship laugh for a weary while. May I not rejoice with you, madam? 'You shall, my good girl: hearken: I will read: 'My dear Heart, Who is it from, think'st thou, Dorothy? Canst guess?

Think'st thou aught of womankind would hesitate between a simple knight and a king? My lord duke," he added sharply to Richmond, who was looking round at him, "you would rather be in yonder gallery than here." "Why so, knave?" asked the duke. "Because the Fair Geraldine is there," replied the jester. "And yet your grace is not the person she would most desire to have with her."

"My Lord-General," at length he said, "time flies." "Peace, busy fiend, and urge me not!" said Cromwell. "Think'st thou, like other fools, that I have made a paction with the devil for success, and am bound to do my work within an appointed hour, lest the spell should lose its force?"

"So now all ye, O House of the Niblungs, Shall be brought to naught, O ye oath-breakers! "Think'st thou not, Gunnar, How that betid, When ye let the blood run Both in one footstep? With ill reward Hast thou rewarded His heart so fain To be the foremost!

'Think'st thou, she went on, 'that my lord would easily pardon such things? 'Thou knewest it, and didst not betray me! Oh Dorothy! murmured Scudamore. 'Thou art a very angel of light, Dorothy. He seized her hand, and but for the possible eyes upon them, he would have flung himself at her feet.