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"Shall I send for him?" he continued, as he saw the scowl upon her face. "Certainly not," she answered; and taking the key, which had been left in his charge, she repaired to Theo's rooms, and sinking into a large easy-chair fanned herself furiously, wondering if they would return that night, and what they would say when they found her there.

"We must have a fire in the best parlor, my dear," chirped Elizabeth, ecstatically, when Theo's hat and jacket were being carried out of the room. "Don't forget to tell Jane, Priscilla, and " fumbling in her large side-pocket, "here's the key of the preserve-closet. Quince preserve, my dear, and white currant-jelly." Theodora was reminded of Downport that day, in a hundred ways.

She recalled his frank, wondering amazement as she raised her veil that evening in the train. "He sees me always with Théo's shadow between us. It is unfair and " She took a fresh sheet of paper and began her letter again: "Dear Duchess. Thanks so much for asking me to dine to-night. I shall be delighted to come. Yours sincerely. "Brigit Mead."

I remember her telling me that the last words a dying sister of her mother's ever spoke, when Theodosia standing by the bedside placed her hand on the dying woman's forehead were, "Ah, that is Theo's little Indian hand," And truly the slender delicacy of hand and foot, which characterised her, were unmistakably due to her Indian descent.

"Don't you perceive, my dear madam, that it is you who have insinuated as much, not only regarding yourself, but regarding my own two daughters?" "Never, never, never, as I'm a Christian woman! And it's most cruel of you to say so, sir. And I do say a sister is best out of the house, that I do! And as Theo's time is coming, I warn her, that's all."

"Marie, tell mamma that Miss Marian has returned." "Don't scold, sister. I only ran down to Mme. Theo's to tell her to use mauve insertion instead of pink. My costume and Marie's hat were just what I needed. Every one thought I was a shopgirl, I am sure." "Dinner is over, dear; you stayed so late." "I know. I slipped on the sidewalk and turned my ankle.

Even when one is absorbed by the responsibilities of the steerage, one can enter into all the lights and shades of a conversation kept up by two other people, almost better than they can do themselves. "That is true in some cases. Not in Theo's, I think. It seems to me that he gave himself over from the first. I am not sure that I think her a very attractive woman."

'Boys! Theo's clear treble voice rang through the din that was shaking the very pictures on the walls of the Bunk dining-room. 'Why, it's Theo, I declare! shouted Geoff, the first to hear his sister. 'We're in a state of mutiny, Theo! Isn't it fun? He shrieked in his glee. 'We've turned on old Price, and completely routed him off the decks, and we've seized the ship.

A man whose marriage is to be celebrated in June has not many months to lose between February and May. But this did not add to the comfort of Denis Oglethorpe. The rest of Theo's admirers had a right to speak he must be silent. The shallowest of them might ask a hearing he dared not for his dishonored honor's sake.

It was a violent beginning; but perhaps it was as well, on the whole, that the idea of Theo's future supremacy should have been got into the heads of the duller portion of the family. Warrender was so anxious that there should be no unnecessary haste in his mother's departure, and so ready to find out a pleasant place where they could all go, that everything that had been harsh was forgotten.