"I think the manager will be up here in a moment," said Roger, when Olive had taken her seat and Bettine had retreated to the corner, wiping her eyes on the rough little pillow-case; and even as he spoke, there came steps in the hall and a slight tap at the door, and Bettine admitted the doctor, followed by a tall, surly-faced man, who looked fiercely around the room, and scowled at Olive, who took her seat by the bed, with an instinctive feeling that the unconscious sleeper might need her protection.

"Get out, now!" growled the surly-faced man, in a tone as surly as his look, "can't ye see as they're all occipied?" "Well, empty one." "Get out, now!" repeated the man, scowling blacker than ever. "I'll give you a sovereign for one." "Now, don't ye try to come none o' your jokes wi' me, young feller!" growled the carter. "Sovereign! bah! Show us."

Beside him, elbow jogging elbow, was a surly-faced man in overalls. The old German waiters shuffled about and bawled, "Zwei bif stew, ein cheese-cake." Dishes clattered incessantly. The sicky-sweet scent of old pastry, of coffee-rings with stony raisins and buns smeared with dried cocoanut fibers, seemed to permeate even the bitter coffee.

There was evidently a way and Tito knew it. His black head bobbed along in front, now a dark sphere glossed by the sunlight, now an inky silhouette against the white shine of water. There were creeks to jump and pools to wade the duck shooters' planks only spanned the deep places and the way was hard. Once the tramp stopped, surly-faced, and measured the distance to the Ariel Club house.

But whilst the Reddy was away what's the Mountain do? The boy was looking at Ichabod, and Ichabod, stooping a little to be the more impressive, was looking at him. The surly-faced man with the gun had hitherto been concealed by the hedge beside which he had knelt to fasten his gaiter, and neither of the two had suspected his presence.

They had been climbing a long, winding ascent, but now, having reached the top of the hill, they overtook a great, lumbering market cart, or wain, piled high with sacks of potatoes, and driven by an extremely surly-faced man in a smock-frock. "Hallo there!" cried Bellew, slowing up, "how much for one of your potato-sacks?"

It would be an hour later when I awakened, a little stiff and cramped from the uncomfortable position in which I had rested. The peasants had departed and the surly-faced host was standing at my side. "You should be resuming your journey," said he, seeing me awake. "It wants but a couple of hours to sunset, and if you are going over the pass it were well not to let the night overtake you."

James, our guide, a blear-eyed, surly-faced, angry-voiced fellow, made signs none of us understanding his Harari to dismount. We did so. He then began to trot, and roared out apparently that we must do the same.