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Away at one end were the beds of old-fashioned flowers: hollyhocks and phlox and stocks, coreopsis and calliopsis, calendula and campanula, fox-gloves and monks-hoods and lady-slippers. At the other end were the strawberry-bed and the asparagus-bed. In between, there were long rows of all kinds of vegetables and small fruits and fragrant herbs.

Have you got a strawberry-bed?” said George. “No,” said Rollo. “I should think you would have a strawberry-bed. My father will give you some plants, and you can set them out this fall.” “I don’t know how to set them out,” said Rollo. “Could you come and show me?” George said he would ask his father; and then, as his horse had done drinking, he turned round, and rode home again. Mr.

But I hope ye mind the Scripter where it says, 'We do all fade as a flower, and ye will not be puffed oop." But Edith, far more intent on horticultural than on scriptural knowledge, asked quickly: "What were you going to set out with that trowel?" "A new strawberry-bed. I ha' more plants the spring than I can sell, sae I thought to put oot a new bed, though I ha' a good mony." "I am so glad.

When she had landed me safely, she returned to the strawberry-bed, and began busily gathering the fruit, which she brought to me in her sunburnt hands, stained to a bright pink by the ripe fruit. Such a charm did she throw over me, that at last I actually consented to her putting the fruit into my mouth.

She so minutely watched them develop that she could have almost defined the progress day by day. Once Zell looked at her wonderingly, and said: "Edith, you are crazy over that strawberry-bed. I believe you worship it."

Sae would the garden o' the Lord bloom and floorish if a' were droppin' a 'word in season' and a bit o' kindness here and there. But if I stay here an' preach to ye that need na preachin', these sins o' the garden, the weeds, will grow apace. Go you an' look in yer strawberry-bed."

One feels a layman like myself feels that it should be enough to have a strawberry-bed, a peach-tree, a fig-tree. If these are not enough, then the addition of a gardener should make the thing a certainty. Yet how often will not a gardener refer one back to February as the real culprit.

Keep nothing back and show yourself is the best way to go about unnoticed. I've tried it." "Ah," exclaimed Tim, in an eager whisper, "same as walking into the strawberry-bed without asking " "So my white clothes are just the thing," said the other, avoiding the pit laid for him. "Of course, yes." Tim still chased the big idea in his mind.

"If it isn't a secret," he said, "I'd like to know how you ever got into the British army, anyway." As they walked up and down in the rain, Victor told his story briefly. When he had finished High School, he had gone into his father's bank at Crystal Lake as bookkeeper. After banking hours he skated, played tennis, or worked in the strawberry-bed, according to the season.

The morning light also brought Edith a pleasant surprise, for, as she was dressing, her eyes eagerly sought the strawberry-bed. She had been thinking, "If I only continue to gain in this style, I shall soon be able myself to attack the weeds." Therefore, instead of a helpless look, such as she gave yesterday, her glance had something vengeful and threatening in it.