"The stable's been locked; an' Finn and Carter was sleepin' in the saddle room." "That divil could go where a sparrer could. How did he git in to cut th' bridle rein t'rough a manure window no bigger'n your hat. He done that, as I know." "Well, if the mare's got it we're in the soup. Have you seen Miss Porter about, Mike?"

'I hear tell you gwine ter sen' me ter 'struckshun, en nab my fambly, en 'stroy my shanty, sezee. "'Den Brer Fox he git mighty mad. 'Who bin tellin' you all dis? sezee. "Brer Rabbit make like he didn't want ter tell, but Brer Fox he 'sist en 'sist, twel at las' Brer Rabbit he up en tell Brer Fox dat he hear Jack Sparrer say all dis.

He was a very handsome man before he broke his nose fighting the bargeman at Iffly: a light weight, but a beautiful sparrer," &c.

He stand so much sun, he ain't easy combustioned in his entails. "'Go on, sais they. "Well, my bredren," sais I, "I will dilate to you the valy of a niggar, as put in one scale and white man in de oder. Now, bredren, you know a sparrer can't fall to de ground no how he can fix it, but de Lord knows it in course ob argument you do. Well, you knows twelve sparrers sell in de market for one penny.

No, it's jest 'send Sunny along to see to 'em. That bein' said, you'll git right back to your poker with a righteous feelin' which makes it come good to rob each other all you know. Psha! You ain't no better'n them lousy birds as lays eggs sizes too big, an' blames 'em on to some moultin' sparrer that ain't got feathers 'nuff to make it welcome at a scratchin' bee."

Dis sorter 'track Brer Fox 'tenshun, en he look at de tattlin' bird, en de bird he keep on callin': "'I got sump'n fer ter tell you, Brer Fox. "'Git on my tail, little Jack Sparrer, sez Brer Fox, sezee, 'kaze I'm de'f in one year, en I can't hear out'n de udder. Git on my tail, sezee. "Den de little bird he up'n hop on Brer Fox's tail.

"Which, sir, I will, though Mr. Bimby I won't answer for, 'im being busy with the pore young man as 'e brought 'ome last night it's 'im as the brandy's for. Ye see, sir, though doleful, Mr. Bimby's very kind 'earted, and 'e's always a-nussing somebody or something last time it were a dog with a broke leg ah, I've knowed 'im bring 'ome stray cats afore now, many's the time, and once a sparrer.

I'll show Miss Meadows en de gals dat I'm de boss er Brer Fox, sezee. "Jack Sparrer up in de tree, he hear Brer Rabbit, he did, en he sing out: "'I'm gwine tell Brer Fox! I'm gwine tell Brer Fox! Chick-a-biddy-win'-a-blowin'-acuns-fallin'! I'm gwine tell Brer Fox!"

Shepstone, clever as he is, only won a fight from him by claiming a foul, because Billy lost his temper and spiked him. That's the worst of Billy; he can't keep his feelings in. But no fine-lady sparrer can stand afore that ugly rush of his. Do you think he'll care for Cashel's showy long shots?

You ketches yer sparrer, and you paints him a lively yeller, and then you sells him to your innocent customer for the finest canary as ever wabbled in the grove a little apt to be mopish at first, but warranted to sing beautiful as soon as ever he gets used to his new master and missus. And, oh! don't he just sing beautiful not at all neither." "There's the bottle, Hawkins, and there's the brush.