"Right away, Nirzav of Shonna, one of the Statisticalist leaders who was a personal friend of Lord Garnon's in spite of his politics, renounced Statisticalism and went over to the Volitionalists, on the strength of this communication.

I'm glad to accept your offer, Dirzed." Nirzav of Shonna had already turned away from the group and was hurrying from the room, to call his home for confirmation on the notches made on the underside of his dining table. As he went out the door, he almost collided with the upper-servant, who was rushing in with a book in his hand. "Here it is," the latter exclaimed, holding up the book.

After you fired, the thought was in your mind that you would like to take service with the Lady Dallona of Hadron, whom you believe will need the protection of a member of the Society of Assassins. I advise you to do so, and I advise her to accept your offer. Her work, since she has come to Darsh, has not made her popular in some quarters. No doubt Nirzav of Shonna can bear me out on that.

"Shonna!" she replied, turning away her head. He took a draw at his cigarette, and pursed up his mouth, and put his lips close to her. His dark-brown cropped moustache stood out like a brush. She looked at the puckered crimson lips, then suddenly snatched the cigarette from his fingers and darted away. He, leaping after her, seized the comb from her back hair.

"Oh, mun I? An' what if I shonna?" This good-humoured threat amused Mrs. Morel. "Then you can go and wash yourself in the soft-water tub." "Ha! I can' an' a', tha mucky little 'ussy." With which he stood watching her a moment, then went away to wait for her. When he chose he could still make himself again a real gallant. Usually he preferred to go out with a scarf round his neck.

"Larnov's 'Splendor of Space, just where he said it would be. I had a couple of servants with me as witnesses; I can call them in now, if you wish." He handed the book to Harnosh of Hosh. "See, a strip of message tape in it, at the tenth verse of the Fourth Canto." Nirzav of Shonna re-entered the room; he was chewing his mustache and muttering to himself.

"I'll GI'E him 'go out'!" he shouted like an insane thing. "What!" cried Mrs. Morel, panting with rage. "You shall not touch him for HER telling, you shall not!" "Shonna I?" shouted Morel. "Shonna I?" And, glaring at the boy, he ran forward. Mrs. Morel sprang in between them, with her fist lifted. "Don't you DARE!" she cried. "What!" he shouted, baffled for the moment. "What!"

To Nirzav of Shonna: Ten days ago, when I dined at your home, I took a small knife and cut three notches, two close together and one a little apart from the others, on the under side of the table. As I remember, I sat two places down on the left. If you find them, you will know that I have won that wager that I spoke of a few minutes ago.

Servants removed a section from the table in front of him, to allow him and a few others to pass through; the rest of the guests remained standing at the table, facing toward the inside of the room. Garnon's son, Girzon, and the gray-mustached Nirzav of Shonna, walked on his left; Dallona of Hadron and Dr. Harnosh of Hosh on his right.

Lord Nirzav of Shonna, the only nobleman of any importance in the Statisticalist Party, was one of them; he was shot immediately afterward, while leaving the Council Chambers, along with a couple of Assassins who were with him. Some people in an airboat sprayed them with a machine rifle as they came out onto the landing stage." The two Assassins exclaimed in horrified anger over this.