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I wish for a sheep's head and whisky toddy against all the French cookery and champagne in the world. Well, I suppose I might have been a Judge of Session this term attained, in short, the grand goal proposed to the ambition of a Scottish lawyer. It is better, however, as it is, while, at least, I can maintain my literary reputation. I had some conversation to-day with Messrs. Longman and Co.

And let us, after all, acknowledge that there are few men who are entirely above the influence of binding. No one likes sheep's clothing for his literature, even if he should not aspire to russia or morocco. Adam Smith, one of the least showy of men, confessed himself to be a beau in his books. Perhaps the majority of men of letters are so to some extent, though poets are apt to be ragamuffins.

And when they woke up they began playing again. All day long, and in the evening, the wolf-mother was thinking how the lamb had bleated in the cattle-shed the night before, and how it had smelt of sheep's milk, and she kept snapping her teeth from hunger, and never left off greedily gnawing the old bone, pretending to herself that it was the lamb.

Venice sends about 400,000l. in money, and a great value in wares besides: the Low Countries send about 50,000l., and but little wares; and Messina 25,000l. in ready money: besides great quantities of gold and dollars from Germany, Poland, Hungary, &c.; and all these nations take of the Turks in return great quantities of camblets, grograms, raw silk, cotton wool and yarn, galls, flax, hemp, rice, hides, sheep's wool, wax, corn, &c."

At the sight of so frightful a genie we became insensible, and lay like dead men. At last we came to ourselves, and saw him sitting in the porch looking at us. When he had considered us well, he advanced toward us, and laying his hand upon me, took me up by the nape of my neck, and turned me around, as a butcher would do a sheep's head.

It was accordingly agreed between the two gentlemen that they should coalesce against the common enemy; that they should, by reciting many perfectly well-founded stories in the Captain's disfavour, influence the minds of Miss Crump's parents, and of herself, if possible, against this wolf in sheep's clothing; and that, when they were once fairly rid of him, each should be at liberty, as before, to prefer his own claim.

I ain't done nothing wrong, and he can't send for the police to have me took back to Sheep's Acre. But he can talk, and he can look. I ain't one of those, Felix, as don't mind about their characters, so don't you think it. Shall I tell him as I'm with you? 'Gracious goodness, no! What would you say that for? 'I didn't know. I must say something. 'Tell him you're nothing to him.

Soak some matzoths in milk for a few minutes; then dip them into seasoned beaten eggs. Add a pinch of sugar and let them fry in hot rendered butter until a golden brown. Sprinkle with pulverized sugar and cinnamon and serve hot with coffee. Bombay Broiled Kidney. Clean sheep's kidneys and cut into thin slices. Sprinkle with salt, cayenne pepper and grated lemon peel.

The lamb takes refuge in the arms of the shepherd who fleeces and eats him, because the sheep's inseparable characteristics are gentleness and peace. The horse dashes through flame and grape-shot without touching with his swiftly-moving feet the wounded and dead lying in his path, because the horse's soul is unalterable in its generosity.

He preferred a donkey's ears to the sheep's, so had them substituted. Even then, some mistrust of the boldness of the design intimidated him, and he cautiously compromised by having them small.