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Pack up what needs to go with you, for both you and your husband must be half way to Liverpool by to-morrow's morn. I'll take you past Rhyl Sands in my fishing- boat, with yours in tow; and, once over the dangerous part, I'll return with my cargo of fish, and learn how much stir there is at Bodowen.

The approach to his affections was confirmed by another American flag displayed before one of the chief hotels in Llandudno itself. I learned afterward of the landlord that this was because there were several Chicago families in his house, and fifteen Americans in all; but why the tennis-ground of Rhyl flew our national banner, I do not know to this day.

Having looked at a guide-book, previously to setting out, I knew that this must be Rhyddlan Castle, about three miles from Rhyl; so I plodded on, and by and by entered an antiquated village, on one side of which the castle stood.

By the by, there were several colored prints stuck up against the walls, and there was a clock ticking in a corner and some paper-hangings pinned upon the slanting roof. It began to rain again before we arrived at Rhyl, and we were driven into a small tavern.

The sands at Rhyl, near which Milton's friend was said to have been lost, were like a rolling prairie; at low tide the white fringe of the surf could scarcely be descried at their outermost verge, yet within a few hours it would come tumbling back, flowing in between the higher levels, flooding and brimming and overcoming, till it broke at our feet once more.

There is a passage through the interior of a portion of them, the width from this interior passage to the outer one being fifteen feet on one side, and I know not how much on the other. It continued showery all day; and the omnibus was crowded. I had chosen the outside from Rhyl to Denbigh, but, all the rest of the journey, imprisoned myself within.

There was at that time in Rhyl a gentleman who possessed a sort of genteel cottage in a relatively large garden, and though the house was small, it might have done for a widower like my father, and it was for sale.

Even to this day I am capable of regretting that suit, and certainly I often see children now whose costumes are at least equally absurd. A tour in Wales in 1842. Extracts from my journal of this tour. My inborn love for beautiful materials. Stay at Rhyl. Anglesea and Caernarvon. Reasons for specially remembering this tour.

There would need to be something very serious the matter for me to lie in bed after daylight. Just look at that woman doing eights! It's a sight to make you shudder." "Whom do you mean? Mrs. Van Rhyl? I thought you were an admirer of hers." Nap made a grimace. "Where is your native shrewdness? And I never admired her skating anyway. It's about on a par with Mrs. Damer's dancing.

My family went to Rhyl last Thursday, and on Saturday I joined them there, in company with O'Sullivan, who arrived in the Behama from Lisbon that morning. We went by way of Chester, and found S waiting for us at the Rhyl station. Rhyl is a most uninteresting place, a collection of new lodging-houses and hotels, on a long sand-beach, which the tide leaves bare almost to the horizon.

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