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"So he ordered himself back on duty, had the slaves isolated and the slave dealers arrested, and then transposed to Police Terminal to report. The SecReg Subchief, old Vulthor Tharn, confirmed him in charge at this Esaron Sector plantation, and assigned him a couple of detectives and a psychist." "When was this?" Vall asked. "Yesterday. One-Five-Nine Day. About 1500 local time."

"I am glad, too," I said and I held out my hand in parting "I should not like to stay where my presence caused a moment's uneasiness or discomfort." "That's not putting it quite fairly," he answered, taking my offered hand and holding it loosely in his own "But you are an avowed psychist, and in this way you are a little 'uncanny. I should not like to offend you "

Soon you will remember her only as a dream of the child you hope to have, some day." She flashed the light again, then handed it back to the psychist. "Now, tell us what happened when you were taken into the forest; what did you see there?" The psychist nodded approvingly, made a note on the card, and listened while the woman spoke.

"Frasthor's a crackpot; no reputable psychologist or psychist gives his opinions a moment's consideration. And besides, we don't want to attack Psychological Hygiene. The people in it with whom we can do business are our safeguard; they've given all of us a clean bill of mental health, and we have papers to prove it.

"That's it," the psychist said. "I have to run." He handed the sheet back to Vall, took a last drink from his coffee cup, and bolted out of the room. Dalla picked up the sheet of paper and looked at it. Vall told her what it was. "If those time lines are in regular series, they relate to the base line of operations," she said. "Maybe you can have that worked out.

To the psychist, such a circumstance does not seem as strange as it is to the great majority of people who realise no greater force than Matter, and who have no comprehension of Spirit, and no wish to comprehend it, though even the dullest of these often find themselves brought into contact with persons whom they feel they have met and known before, and are unable to understand why they receive such an impression.

You can locate the base time line from the settings of the instrument panel, and that's what we want most of all." Dalla and the police psychist, having finished with and dismissed their subject, came over to the long table. "... That poor creature," Dalla was saying. "What sort of fiends are they?"

Above his head shone the worn glitter of the old armoured device of the "Sieur Amadis" with its motto "Mon coeur me soutien" and only a psychist could have thought or imagined it possible that the spirit of the old French knight of Tudor times might still be working through clouds of circumstance and weaving the web of the future from the torn threads of the past.

Then he saw that the psychist, Nentrov Dard, was drinking straight 150-proof palm-rum. "Well, tell me the worst," he said. "Our boy's memory-obliterated," Nentrov Dard said, draining his glass and filling it again. "And he's plastered with pseudo-memories a foot thick. It'll be five or six ten-days before we can get all that stuff peeled off and get him unblocked.

By the way, do you remember when we visited the last Paris Salon together, how fascinated we were by one picture the head of a monk whose eyes looked out like a veritable illumination from under the folds of a drooping white cowl? ... and on referring to our catalogues we found it described as the portrait of one 'Heliobas, an Eastern mystic, a psychist formerly well known in Paris, but since retired into monastic life?