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There was confusion, as if the request were so unusual that the answers were not ready. The grid, too, was on the planet's night side. Presently the ship was locked onto by the grid's force-fields. It went downward without incident. Calhoun saw that Maril sat tensely, twisting her fingers within each other, until the ship actually touched ground.

On the other hand, Niesten of Brussels found reason to revert to Vico's discarded elements for the planet's rotation; and Trouvelot, Stanley Williams, Villiger, and Leo Brenner, so far agreed with him as to adopt a period of approximately twenty-four hours.

"We shall soon be safe, and then nothing shall interrupt the happiness for which we have endured so much." I hid from her the anxiety that lurked near my heart, and endeavored to interest her by advancing several theories upon the phenomenal appearance of the planet's surface. Like a huge cup the land now stretched up and around us, but we were still descending with frightful velocity.

The displacements or disappearance of secondary dividing-lines the singular striated appearance, first remarked by Short in the eighteenth century, last by Perrotin and Lockyer at Nice, March 18, 1884 show the effects of waves of disturbance traversing a moving mass of gravitating particles; the broken and changing line of the planet's shadow on the ring gives evidence of variety in the planes of the orbits described by those particles.

The size and position of the two recently discovered satellites of Mars, which are believed to be not more than ten miles in diameter, the more remote revolving around its primary very little slower than the planet rotates, while the nearer one, which is considerably less distant from the planet's surface than its own antipodes and revolves around it more than three times during the Martian day, may perhaps be looked upon as the remnants of the great meteor-swarm which completed the Martian development, and which are perhaps themselves destined at some distant period to fall into the planet.

They began a long, shallow, screaming descent from the farthest limits of the planet's atmosphere. Out where the sun of Garen was a disk of intolerable brilliance and heat, the battleship bumbled on its way. It would seem that its commander scornfully accepted the Isis's terms of combat and moved contemptuously to the position where his weapons would be most deadly.

During the next four terrestrial days they sighted several small comets, but spent most of their time writing out their Jovian experiences. During the sixth day Saturn's rings, although not as much tilted as they would be later in the planet's season, presented a most superb sight, while they spun in the sun's rays.

Contemptuously, they accepted the semi-surrender. The broadcast waves of Dara told of agreement, and wild and fierce resentment filled the pariah planet's people. There was almost almost! revolution to insist upon resistance, however hopeless and however fatal. But not all of Dara realized that a vital change had come about in the state of things on Dara. The enemy fleet had not a hint of it.

Now, in the case of a planet rotating rapidly on its axis, it is clear that if the observer is situated in, or nearly in, the plane of the planet's equator, one edge of its disk will be approaching his eye while the opposite edge is retreating, and the lines in the spectrum of a beam of light from the advancing edge will be shifted toward the blue, while those in the spectrum of the light coming from the retreating edge will be shifted toward the red.

They flitted to and fro, scanning wide bands of the surface of Dara. The planet's cities and highways and industrial centers were wholly open to inspection from the sky. It looked as if the scouts hunted most busily for the fleet of former grain-ships which Calhoun had said blueskins had seized and rushed away. If the scouts looked for them, they did not find them.