In form, in color, in texture, and in cell structure, they imitate so closely the cell structures of organic growth as to suggest something uncanny or diabolical. And yet the author of them does not claim that they are alive. They are not edible, they contain no protoplasm no starch or sugar or peptone or fats or carbohydrates. These chemical creations by Dr.

It is a premature food, and the more abundant the more injurious. "Albumen on the contrary remains fluid in the presence of the gastric juice; it is separated from the other aliments by coagulation of the caseine. It is absorbed entire either in its natural state or in form of peptone."

Perhaps the physician had imagined that the strange palate of his patient was fatigued by the taste of the peptone; perhaps he had wished, like a clever chef, to vary the taste of foods and to prevent the monotony of dishes that might lead to want of appetite.

"I believe it is generally accepted that there are two agents present in the secretion. One is a peptone and the other a globulin. One is neurotoxic, the other hemolytic. Not only is the general nervous system attacked instantly, but the coagulability of the blood is destroyed. One agent in the venom attacks the nerve cells; the other destroys the red corpuscles."

Perhaps the nearest analogy may be found in such plants as Drosera and Dionaea; for here animal matter is digested and converted into peptone not within a stomach, but on the surfaces of the leaves. Calciferous Glands. But almost as many theories have been advanced on their use as there have been observers.

It helps digest fatty matters by its emulsive powers; it has been more recently supposed to form a sort of peptone with nitrogenized articles also; but, what is more to our purpose, it turns starch into sugar even more quickly than the saliva itself.

He was astonished and satisfied not to be weighted with drugs and vials, and a faint smile played on his lips when the servant brought a nourishing injection of peptone and told him he was to take it three times every twenty-four hours. The operation succeeded and Des Esseintes could not forbear to congratulate himself on this event which in a manner crowned the existence he had created.

Long experience has demonstrated it to be an agent of superior digestibility. It is, indeed, a true milk peptone that is, milk already partly digested, the coagulation of the coagulable portion being loose and flaky, and not of that firm indigestible nature which is the result of the action of the gastric juice upon cow's sweet milk.

What will you take for the lot? The Time Traveller came to the place reserved for him without a word. He smiled quietly, in his old way. 'Where's my mutton? he said. 'What a treat it is to stick a fork into meat again! 'Story be damned! said the Time Traveller. 'I want something to eat. I won't say a word until I get some peptone into my arteries. Thanks. And the salt.