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Goggles, and tell him, `Pa's kind regards, and hopes his leg's better; and will he lend him his spirit-level? And don't you go, Maria, because I shall want somebody to hold me the light; and when the girl comes back, she must go out again for a bit of picture-cord; and Tom! where's Tom? Tom, you come here; I shall want you to hand me up the picture."

"'I want you, Father, he continued, laying his hand affectionately on his pa's knee, 'to do my book-keeping, reckoning the time and wages of my men at work on the claims. Accounts of assessment work on twenty claims, besides new prospecting in different localities, will give you something to do after cutting the kindling for Mother; and neither of you need feel that you are useless nor idle.

He started in by closing his eyes and placing his hands up in front of him like the letter V, and then he began to ask that the food we were about to partake off be blessed, and then he was going on to ask that all of us be made to see the error of our ways, when he began to hitch around, and he opened one eye and looked at me, and I looked as pious as a boy can look when he knows the pancakes are getting cold, and Pa he kind of sighed and said 'Amen' sort of snappish, and he got up and told Ma he didn't feel well, and she would have to take his place and pass around the sassidge and potatoes, and he looked kind of scart and went out with his hand on his pistol pocket, as though he would like to shoot, and Ma she got up and went around and sat in Pa's chair.

"When did it a' happen?" huskily inquired the girl, whose face was now ashen pale. "On the night before last, ma'am. The same night you were traveling up to London by the Great Northern. And bless us and save us, the poor bride must have found her poor pa's dead body just about the time you arrived at home here, ma'am, for the paper says it was ten o'clock."

It backfired on him, and his wife is such a little fool that he had to promise to give up automobiling." "They are splendid cars, with a record of fifty miles on the track, unstripped and out of stock!" "And you shall have half-interest in it, Virgie!" "I never could pay fourteen hundred dollars, Morty, and I don't want any more of pa's blanks. It's too exasperating." "Oh, I meant for nothing!"

It was a good enough horse to enter in a race, but not good enough to win. It was the kind of race horse that kept pa poor, but hopeful. "'Why, yes, Sammy, I says, 'I've heard tell of that grand literary effort of your dad. "'Well, he says we was sittin' on the porch of his pa's house 'Pa he had a thousand of them printed.

"Well, you could ketch up with her at quarantine out in the bay. She'll stop to let the pilot off." "Can you take me to quarantine?" The girl glanced doubtfully at the seat of the nearest pair of trousers. "Well, we could," she said. "But pa's kind of set in his ways, and right now he's fishing for dollar bills with the boat hook. He's apt to get sorta mad if he's interrupted."

"Didn't you," she said, "oh, dear! Didn't you get the letter?" "The the letter!" faltered Miss Belinda. "What letter, my my dear?" "Pa's," was the answer. "Oh! I see you didn't." And she sank into the nearest chair, putting her hands up to her face, and beginning to cry outright. "I am Octavia B-bassett," she said.

Now, the moment they get control of the European supply they'll hold the stuff, force up the selling price to awful figures, and squeeze out dividends that will make you wear blue glasses to look at them." "You certainly do know your business, son," said Uncle Peter, fervently. "You certainly got your pa's head on you. You remind me more and more of Dan'l J. Bines every day.

Since Pa's experience in trying to kill a grizzly by making the animal chase him and die of heart disease, the chief has made Pa herd with the squaws, until he can prove that he is a brave man by some daring deed.