Gradman wrote the figure "2" on his blotting-paper. "Ye-es," he said; "there's a nahsty spirit." "The ordinary restraint against anticipation doesn't meet the case." "Nao," said Gradman. "Suppose those Labour fellows come in, or worse! It's these people with fixed ideas who are the danger. Look at Ireland!" "Ah!" said Gradman.

All at once she stopped speaking, and when I did not notice this she cried out, "Senhor, are you again failing to listen to me!" "Oh, yes. Henrique Bleyle has put up at auction a cargo of furnishing goods " "O não, senhor, not at all! But you are a discourteous good-for-nothing; you think, 'Just let her talk!" "Missed by a mile, my child!

Beginning at Camarones are the Boroa and Borba Waters, with the Rio de Campo, fifteen leagues further south; of these little is known, except that they fall into the Bight of Panari or Pannaria. The un-African word Panari or Pannaria is probably a corruption of Pao de Nao, the bay north of Garapo, and "Navia."

It had the form of a hand whose digits were mountains, but lacked the thumb. The other four fingers extended out into the waves, forming the capes of San Antonio, San Martin, La Nao and Almoraira.

In the old times, when the intercourse with the mother-country was by the great ship, "el nao," which came once a year, the government at home could have just such news circulated through the country as seemed proper and convenient to them. We see in our own times how despotic governments can mystify their subjects, and distort contemporary history into what shape they please.

"Japanese geisha," said the tea-house girl, "if danna san wish to see geisha dance ?" "No thank you," said Geoffrey, hurriedly, "Asako darling, it is time we went home: we want our dinners." Modashi-ite Sakashira suru wa Sake nomite Yei-naki suru ni Nao shikazu keri. To sit silent And look wise Is not to be compared with Drinking saké And making a riotous shouting.

It is a time since I first saw Mr. Timothy!" "We can't live for ever," said Soames, taking down his hat. "Nao," said Gradman; "but it'll be a pity the last of the old family! Shall I take up the matter of that nuisance in Old Compton Street? Those organs they're nahsty things." "Do. I must call for Miss Fleur and catch the four o'clock. Good-day, Gradman." "Good-day, Mr. Soames.

They're supposed to be most powerful, I believe." "Thank you not more deadly than most. Are you drinking them?" Mr. Wagge smiled. "Nao!" he said, "we live here." "Indeed! Do you find anything to do?" "Well, as a fact, I've come here for rest. But I take a Turkish bath once a fortnight find it refreshing; keeps the pores of the skin acting." Mrs.

Tell us who is your sweetheart, spoke Edy Boardman. Is Cissy your sweetheart? Nao, tearful Tommy said. Is Edy Boardman your sweetheart? Cissy queried. Nao, Tommy said. I know, Edy Boardman said none too amiably with an arch glance from her shortsighted eyes. I know who is Tommy's sweetheart. Gerty is Tommy's sweetheart. Nao, Tommy said on the verge of tears.

Such is Love's glamour. Muriel had forgiven royally. Bhutan is a Buddhist-ruled land, therefore slaying for sport and fishing in the rivers is prohibited; nay, more, the Maharajah sometimes forbids the killing of even domestic animals for food. So wild life abounds. The fugitives often saw flocks of burhel called nao in Bhutan feeding on the precipitous slopes of the higher hills.