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"That unknown lady will have much satisfaction in it," murmured Antonia. "I hope so. And be better known than she was as Jonas Bronck's wife." She colored, but hid a smile within her muffling. Her good-humored suitor leaned toward her, resting his arms upon his knees. "Touching a matter which has never been mentioned between us; was the curing of Bronck's hand well approved by you?"

The cry which he at once sent forth was stifled in its first whisper in a great muffling garment flung over his head and drawn tightly about his neck. He was in a fair way to strangle, and his vigorous efforts at escape were useless in the hands of so many. He might have been plunged at once into a great abyss of limitless, soundless depths, so futile did any resistance seem.

I must speak to you," he began again nervously. "Not this afternoon the doctor is coming. Tomorrow " "I can't wait for tomorrow!" She made a faint, imperceptible gesture, which read to his eyes: "You've waited a whole year." "Yes, I know," he returned, still constrained by the necessity of muffling his voice, of perpetually measuring the distance between themselves and the window.

Tibo did not see them until, head down, he had forced his way through the thickly growing vines in search of his little spear, and then it was too late. As he looked up into the face of Bukawai, the old witch-doctor seized him, muffling his screams with a palm across his mouth. Tibo struggled futilely.

An indescribable succession of dull blows, perplexing in their regularity, sent their sound with difficulty through the fluffy atmosphere. It was a neighbouring clock striking ten. The bell was in the open air, and being overlaid with several inches of muffling snow, had lost its voice for the time.

"Yes," she sighed. "I'm just wanting you." Her arm, languid and light, stole round my waist. A WRECK on The THIRTY DEVILS Fog thick, stifling, clammy! A vast bank of it lay stranded on the rocks of our coast: muffling voices, making men gasp. In a murky cloud it pressed against my mother's windows. Wharves, cottages, harbour water, great hills beyond the whole world had vanished.

He passed on, and she fell on the grass, close to the tent ropes and lay there, hidden by the darkness. She did not hear a step approaching from the herded tents. Had she been listening it would have been hard to discern, for the feet were moccasin shod, falling noiseless on the muffling grass. A man's figure with fringes wavering along its outline came round the tent wall.

Groseillers called it Rupert in honor of his patron. A palisaded fort was at once built, and named King Charles after the English monarch. By December, the bay was locked in the deathly silence of northern frost. Snow fell till the air became darkened day after day, a ceaseless fall of muffling snow; the earth as Gillam's journal says "seemed frozen to death."

"That you, Sam?" half whispered a man's voice. There was no light. "Sh!" hissed Bonner, muffling his voice. "Is everybody in?" "Bill's waitin' fer you outside. Ma an' me are here. Come on down. What's up?" "How's the girl?" "Bellerin' like a baby. Ma's with her in the cave. Hurry up! This thing's heavy."

She can't follow into the Cove, with her draught, even if she spies us; and by daybreak we'll have the best part of the cargo landed." And so he did, muffling oars and crossing over a mile to southward of the cutter, and after that way-all! and pull for the Cove. The preacher at John Carter's, and Mrs. Geen at Bessie Bussow's, both woke early next morning. But Mrs.