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It is obviously the delicate duty of the executants to indicate the character of the new movement with an appropriate modification of tempo i.e., to take the notes which immediately succeed the Adagio for a link, and so unobtrusively to connect them with the following that a change in the movement is hardly perceptible, and moreover so to manage the ritardando, that the crescendo, which comes after it, will introduce the master's quick tempo, in such wise that the molto vivace now appears as the rhythmical consequence of the increase of tone during the crescendo.

An English statesman is as fearless as Agamemnon, and as wise as Nestor. Have you your evening free?" "Yes," I replied wonderingly. "Would you care to devote it to a perilous adventure? Not so perilous, for I" he thumped his chest "will be there. But still molto gefahrlich." His black eyes held mine in burning intensity. So as to hide a smile I lit a cigarette.

The Cafe of the simple inn where they stayed was the meeting-place of the notabilities of the little city; the Sindaco, the avvocato, the doctor, and a few others; and among them they noticed a beautiful, slim, talkative old man, with bright black eyes and snow-white hair tail and straight and still with the figure of a youth, although the waiter told them with pride that the Conte was molto vecchio would in fact be eighty in the following year.

Milton was introduced at the meetings of their academies; his presence is recorded on two occasions, of which the latest is the 16th September at the Svogliati. He paid his scot by reciting from memory some of his youthful Latin verses, hexameters, "molto erudite," says the minute-book of the sitting, and others, which "I shifted, in the scarcity of boots and conveniences, to patch up."

He did it crescendo, fortissimo, prestissimo, strabato and con molto expressione; he played on his knuckles with a virtuosity of which I have never seen the like. The sheer technique of the performance ought to have disarmed her. "Well I am blowed," said Jevons. Norah put her hand on his arm. "You were wonderful, Jimmy dear," she said. "I could have listened to you for ever. So could Walter.

Lodovico looked on his young wife as a joyous and fascinating child, as he told Giacomo Trotti, "lieta di natura et molto piacevolina," and thought that as long as he treated her with consideration and respect, and at the same time allowed her every possible indulgence, he might continue to go on his own way and take his pleasure in whatever form he chose. But he soon found out his mistake.

A moment or two elapsed before she said smoothly: "Oh, the Prince is enchanted at the idea. He danced with you at Court and finds you molto simpatica. It is a great name, my dear, that he has to offer you " and then with a condescension, yet a courteousness that prevented offense: "We shall all be willing, nay, delighted, to receive you with open arms.

"Compare, compare, compareddu" he glanced at Gaspare, who joined in with him: "Compare, compare, compareddu, Io ti voglio molto bene, Mangiamo sempre insieme Mangiamo carne e riso E andiamo in Paradiso!" "Carne e riso si!" cried Maurice, laughing. "But Paradise! Must you go to Paradise directly afterwards, before the dancing and before the procession and before the fireworks?"

The middle part of the second D flat, molto piu lento however, is much finer; in it we meet again, as we did in some other nocturnes, with soothing, simple chord progressions. When Gutmann studied the C sharp minor Nocturne with Chopin, the master told him that the middle section- -the molto piu lento in D flat major should be played as a recitative.

"Not so: Charles was struck with his bearing and his spirit, received him graciously, and entertained him hospitably. He remained some time at Prague, and astonished all the learned with his knowledge and eloquence." "Disputava," he says of him when at Prague, "disputava con Mastri di teologia; molto diceva, parlava cose meravigliose...abbair fea ogni persona."

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