"The smoking-parlour?" asked she. "How very strange to lay tea in a smoking-room." Peppino explained that nobody had in all probability used the smoking-parlour to smoke in for five or six years. "Oh, if that is so, I will come," said she. "Better bring Pug along, too, Miss Lyall. There is a croquet-hoop. I am glad I saw it or I should have stumbled over it perhaps.

He was not troubled by any sense of dishonour. Honour was something Paul King could not lose since it was something he had never possessed. They were talking of him and Joan. "What a shame that a girl like Joan Shelley should throw herself away on a man like that," Holmes said. Byron Lyall removed the pipe he was smoking and spat reflectively at his shadow. "Darned shame," he agreed.

That must surely mean that Lady Ambermere herself was here, for when poor thin Miss Lyall, her companion, came in to Riseholme to do shopping, or transact such business as the majestic life at The Hall required, she always came on foot, or in very inclement weather in a small two-wheeled cart like a hip-bath.

II, 1806-1900 . On Ireland: W. O'C. Morris, Ireland, 1494-1905, 2d ed. . On Canada: Sir C. P. Lucas, A History of Canada, 1763-1812 . On India: Sir Alfred Lyall, Warren Hastings, originally published in 1889, reprinted , an excellent biography; G. W. Hastings, Vindication of Warren Hastings , the best apology for the remarkable governor of India, and should be contrasted with Lord Macaulay's celebrated indictment of Hastings; Sir John Strachey, Hastings and the Rohilla War , favorable to Hastings' work in India.

Henslow, 'what's that? 'You call yourself a Bible reader! says Mr. Lyall. Of course I'd asked my father and mother about what it could be before that, but they both said it was most likely cats: but they spoke very short, and I could see they was troubled. My word! that was a noise 'ungry-like, as if it was calling after some one that wouldn't come.

By the way, your good wife told me that there would probably be a very remarkable Indian at her party, a Brahmin from Benares, she said. I should like to have a talk with him while I am having my tea. Kindly prepare a peach for me, Miss Lyall."

If he had brought his bull-dogs, I should have asked him to take them away again. I should like a cup of tea, Miss Lyall, with plenty of milk in it, and not too strong. You know how I like my tea. And a biscuit or something for Pug, with a little cream in a saucer or anything that's handy." "Won't you come into the smoking-parlour, and have tea there, Lady Ambermere?" asked Peppino.

There was the fiasco about Olga coming to the tableaux, which was the cause of her sending that very tart reply, via Miss Lyall, to Lady Ambermere's impertinence, and the very next morning, Lady Ambermere, coming again into Riseholme, perhaps for that very purpose, had behaved to Lucia as Lucia had behaved to the moon, and cut her.

Mackenzie Lyall & Co. continued to occupy the place until the year 1888 when they removed to their present building in Lyons Range, from which they contemplate a further change in the early part of next year to premises now in course of erection at Mission Row. Was formerly styled the Bengal Military Club, the members of which were limited to the I.C.S. and military services.

Compare R.F. Kaindl, Die Deutschen in den Karpathenländern, i. 178, 293; ii. 304; he does not, however, deal with the actual plans. I have to thank the late Sir Alfred Lyall for a sight of a survey made by English engineers in 1839. But in growing, the old town-planning has passed into a new stage. The Romans dealt with small areas, seldom more than three hundred acres and often very much less.