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They said openly that if a Republican president were elected they would leave the Union. And in 1860 a Republican president was elected. Was the long-predicted, and to most of Europe eagerly desired, disruption of the United States at hand? Was the break to be accomplished peacefully or in flame and wrath?

It consisted of an assurance, that in the city of David the long-predicted Messiah was actually born, and on that very day; and that this was the sign by which they should discover the truth of this revelation, that if they went immediately to Bethlehem they should find the Babe wrapped in swaddling-clothes, lying in a manger. The shepherds instantly hastened to Bethlehem.

And if we the righteous are scarcely saved from this long-predicted destruction, where will the ungodly and the sinner appear? But how did Peter know that it was at hand? Because the persecutions, which Jesus had given them as a "sign" or "token" had then commenced at the house of God.

It will be only for a moment; for the resistless coming of the "Ancient of Days" will unveil all this deception, banish the enemies, and bring in His own long-predicted and glorious reign of everlasting blessedness upon the earth. The Fatal Omission.

The long-predicted boom had arrived at last. Without lunch, he and all his clerks worked until after six o'clock. Even then Laverick found it hard to leave. During the day, a dozen people or so had been in to ask for Morrison. To all of them he had given the same reply, Morrison had gone abroad on private business for the firm. Very few were deceived by Laverick's dry statement.

Erle Palma, who thought they would harmonize with the gold-coloured silk, and ordered them for the occasion. So said the card lying on the velvet case! Do you wonder if the world is coming to its long-predicted end? Not at all; merely the close of Olga Neville's career; the sun of my maidenhood setting in unexpected splendour.

Then, in September 1560, the long-predicted murder of Amy Robsart set Dudley free, and made the nobles and Cecil more anxious than ever that the archduke should be bold, take the risk, and come to England.

These unhappy people had no means of knowing that financial institutions, which were perfectly sound and able to pay their depositors, might be wrecked deliberately in a gamblers' game. When they heard that banks were tottering, and were being besieged for money, they concluded that there must be real danger that the long-predicted crash must be at hand.

At one time it was passing through its stage of childhood, at another its period of youth, but now it has entered its long-predicted phase of maturity, the evidences of which are everywhere apparent.... That which was applicable to human needs during the early history of the race can neither meet nor satisfy the demands of this day, this period of newness and consummation.

The first premonitions of the Rebellion in the John Brown raid, the break-up of the democracy at Charleston, and the violence of the Southern press concerning the probable results of the pending presidential election, convincing them that the long-predicted and wished-for day the breaking up of the Republic was nigh at hand, and their real feelings as Englishmen cropped out but too plainly; but of this, more anon.