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Then came forward Thomas Bolle, who all this while had been standing in the corner, and took him by the neck. "In the King's name!" he said, "nay, complain not, 'tis your own cry and I have warrant for it," and he knocked Legh's head against the door-post. "In the King's name, get out of this," and he gave him such a kick as never Royal Commissioner had felt before, shooting him down the passage.

The trust was shown by his respectful silence on that one point of reserve on which she had interdicted conversation. He left Job Legh's house when she did. They lingered on the step, he holding her hand between both of his, as loth to let her go; he questioned her as to when he should see her again. "Mother does so want to see you," whispered he. "Can you come to see her to-morrow; or when?"

The Commissioner nodded, and she set out her story from the beginning, so sweetly, so simply and with such truth and earnestness, that the concourse of people packed close about her, hung upon her every word, and even Dr. Legh's coarse face softened as he heard.

She went straight to Job Legh's house, and found the old man and his grand-daughter sitting at breakfast; as she opened the door she heard their voices speaking in a grave, hushed, subdued tone, as if something grieved their hearts. Carson; not in all her confidential talk with Margaret had she ever spoken of him.

I'm sent to fetch you, and I can't lose time when I'm under orders." "Where am I to go to?" asked Mary, as her heart leaped up at the thought of who might be waiting for her. "Not very far," replied he. "Only to old Job Legh's round the corner there.

She had not been able to gather if she were to see Jem at Job Legh's; but when the door was opened, she at once saw and felt he was not there. The evening then would be a blank; at least so she thought for the first five minutes; but she soon forgot her disappointment in the cheerful meeting of old friends, all, except herself, with some cause for rejoicing at that very time.

"Well, Jem, he's gone at last, is he?" "Yes. How did you hear, mother?" "Oh, Job came over here, and telled me, on his way to the undertaker's. Did he make a fine end?" It struck Jem that she had not heard of the confession which had been made by John Barton on his death-bed; he remembered Job Legh's discretion, and he determined that if it could be avoided his mother should never hear of it.

The merits of Norden's work, are of the most enduring and substantial kind, so far as relates to the Antiquities of Egypt, and the Cataracts: it is high and unequivocal commendation of this author, that subsequent travellers have found him a judicious and sure guide. Legh's Journey in Egypt, and the Country beyond the Cataract, 1816, 4to.

Bridgnorth had kept his lawyer-like presence of mind; and long before Job Legh's almost illegible note was poked at him, he had recapitulated the facts on which Will had to give evidence, and the manner in which he had been pursued, after his ship had taken her leave of the land.

She was thankful, therefore, when Job Legh's voice was heard at the door, as he stood with the latch in his hand, talking to a neighbour, and when Sally jumped up in vexation and said, "There's that old fogey coming in here, as I'm alive! Did your father set him to look after you while he was away? or what brings the old chap here?