"Well, I haven't been usually regarded as a jack-rabbit when it comes to scrapping; but I don't want a posse smoking me out when I'm in your /jacal/. Somebody might get hurt that oughtn't to." "Remain with your Tonia; no one will find you here." The Kid looked keenly into the shadows up and down the arroyo and toward the dim lights of the Mexican village.

Their costumbre is a feast given in his honor, of which he is believed to partake. A jacál hut is prepared in a retired spot; a table is constructed full length of the house within, and upon this a feast is spread of which all partake. Upon this table they place many muñecos of paper; formerly these were made of the bark paper, but they are now made of ordinary paper bought in the stores.

The new building was tendered to Tio Tiburcio and his wife, instead of their own palisaded jacal, but it remained tenantless an eyesore to its builder. Near the latter end of April, a contract was let for two new tanks on the Ganso grant of land.

Then, as she saw the younger girl shivering as she crouched over the fire, "Cleeta, you need not be cold any longer; your rabbit skin dress is done. Go into the jacal and put it on." Cleeta obeyed with dancing eyes. Gesnip followed her mother to the stream. "Take this," said Macana, handing her an openwork net or bag, "and hold it while I empty in some of the mussels.

After all had eaten a hearty meal, more than for many weeks they had been able to have at any one time, the tired women each gathered her children together and took them to her own jacal, leaving the men sitting around the camp fire.

No living thing is seen outside, save the lump of copper-coloured humanity prostrate on the sward, beside the bag and swag he has been hindered from taking away. Still the shod hoofs are heard striking against stones, the click sounding clearer and nearer. They inside the jacal listen with bated breath, but hearts beating audibly. Hearts filled with anxiety. How could it be else?

"It will make father a fine hunting suit, it is so thick." Gesnip was loaded down with some of the best cuts of the meat to take to her father's jacal. Cuchuma himself began removing the tendons from the legs, to cure for bowstrings, and to wrap a new bow he was going to make.

He looks so tall because of his headdress. It is made of framework of dried tules covered with feathers and fish bladders. I saw it one day in his jacal, and it is as tall as I am. You see if there isn't. Hush, now! Squat down. Here they come."

They soon reached the cabin, which proved to be an improvement over the ordinary jacal of the country, as it had a fireplace and chimney. It was built of logs; the crevices were chinked with clay for mortar, its floor being of the same substance. The only Mexican feature it possessed was the thatched roof.

Once more, before coming in sight of the solitary jacal, Uraga commands a halt. This time to reconnoitre, not to rest or stay. The troopers sit in their saddles, with reins ready to be drawn; like a flock of vultures about to unfold their wings for the last swoop upon their victims to clutch, tear, kill, do with them as they may wish!