"Oh, that's all right," Hewson brisked up in response, as he took the cigar St. John offered him. "I'm afraid I must have seemed rather stupid. I had got to thinking about something else, and I couldn't pull myself away from it. I wasn't annoyed at all." Whether St. John thought this sufficient gratitude for his reparation did not appear.

I wouldn't try to make it out a fraud myself." "I'm afraid that's what I've really done," said Hewson. "But before people I've put up a bluff of despising it." "Oh, yes, I understand that," said Hernshaw. "A man thinks that if he can have an experience like that he must be something out of the common, and if he can despise it " "You've hit my case exactly," said Hewson, and the two men laughed.

And you, Thomas, if you bring this scheme to a conclusion, may depend upon my eternal gratitude." "And mine," said Markham; and so said all. The next day the affair was publicly mentioned; and Hewson, as he promised, provoked Edmund to the trial. Several young men of family offered themselves; among the rest, Sir Robert, and his brother William. Mr.

Hewson said he had concluded; “but it is a consolation to me that none of the lives were lost from any deficiency in the ship’s gear or appointments. The boat must have been an excellent one indeed to have carried you in safety through a cyclone, in which, as we know, the stoutest ships will sometimes founder.

Hewson when she asked you, what we'd both agreed to tell her that made me begin to wonder. But you're not married, Sally. He's only your master that's all, and if I were you, I'd see that I got my settlement. He might want to leave you any day." Sally moved herself free of the detaining hand and laughed, with a bitter absence of merriment. "That shows how little you understand," she said.

She tried to look unconcerned when on breaking-up day Form Five A stood up in Big Hall while Miss Meredith read their general proficiency list. "First, Joyce Hewson; Second, Judith Benson." There was such a buzzing in Judith's ears that she didn't hear the next few names. Second! Wouldn't Daddy be pleased! Nancy squeezed her hand.

The insurance money saved makes up for the loss of freight, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have done all in my power to ensure the safety of my officers and men.” “And very good policy, Hewson,” Mr.

She looked hurt, as if she had been unfairly forced to the logic of her postulate, and Hewson was not altogether pleased with himself; but at least he had had his revenge in making her realize the man's vacuity. He tried to get her back to talk about "Ghosts," again, but she answered with indifference, and just then he was arrested by something a man was saying near the head of the table.

Why?" "You're so officiously agreeable." Sally laughed. "You wanted to help Mrs. Hewson to make that mincemeat," Janet continued; "now you want to help me; and you were the soul of good-nature to Mr. Arthur. I'm sure he thinks you're going to accept him." "No, he doesn't." "How do you know?" "I told him after supper. He asked me to come out with him. I told him I couldn't marry him."

Hewson a cigar, and lighting one himself to prove his coolness began again to tell his story. He was conscious, as he proceeded, of telling it better than ever before. Practice helped, no doubt; and his listener's detached, impartial attitude helped still more.