Old Foster was in the chair and the place seemed full of familiar faces; the butcher who was troubled about slaughter-houses sat side by side with the man who was uneasy about his deceased wife's sister; Japhet Williams was on the platform and his men sat in close ranks at the back of the hall, they and Dunn's contingent hard-by smoking their pipes as the custom was at Henstead.

"My first care yes, the dearest act of my life on arriving, was to have our marriage celebrated in the church of Moron. I had promised it to God, and I would not fail in the promise I had made Him who reads all hearts. After that I built the little cottage you see hard-by, and my existence glided on most peacefully. The fishing trade went on prosperously.

"`What, are you old Roberts' grandson? exclaimed the woman. `Well, we did hear that one of them, Harry, I think, did go to sea. "`Well, now, perhaps you'll tell me where I am to find the old gentleman? replied I. "`Come with me, said she, `he lives hard-by, and glad enough he'll be, poor man, to have any one to talk with him a bit, for it's a lonesome life he leads in bed there.

Sometimes I stayed in my chair by the roadside; more often I escaped from the noise and dirt of the village to some spot outside, among the rice- and bean-fields, where the pony could gather a few scant mouthfuls of grass while I sat hard-by on a turf balk and enjoyed the quiet and clean air.

Then one fine morning, while breakfast was cooking, out from the cover of an adjacent hill and down upon them charged a Sioux war party, one hundred and fifty strong. Boone's four mates barely had time to take cover below the hard-by river bank under Boone's orders before fire opened.

They sing very prettily. They are more plentiful in Virginia, than with us in Carolina; for I never heard but one that was near the Settlement, and that was hard-by an Indian Town. They are brown, and red, cinnamon Colour, striped. A Cygnet, that is, a last Year's Swan, is accounted a delicate Dish, as indeed it is. They are known by their Head and Feathers, which are not so white as Old ones.

Moreover, it must be borne in mind that the married barrister, living a century since with his wife in chambers either within or hard-by an Inn or Court was, at a comparatively low rent, the occupant of far more ample quarters than those for which a working barrister now-a-days pays a preposterous sum.

To this day, the older inhabitants of Windomville will tell you about the way his widow "took on" until she couldn't stand it any longer, and then married George Hooper, the butcher, four months after the shocking demise of Joseph. Dowd's Tavern had few transient guests. "Drummers" from the city hard-by dropped in occasionally for a midday meal, but they never stayed the night.

But then no man ever does realize the true interest of the age in which he happens to live. All sense of proportion is lost, and the little thing hard-by obscures the great thing at a distance. It is easy in the dark to confuse the fire-fly and the star. Fancy, for example, the Old Masters seeking their subjects in inn parlours, or St.

I declined the guerdon; and he questioned me concerning my family and my position. I told him that I lived hard-by, with an only relative a grandsire, to whom I was devotedly attached. He lingered long in conversation with me; and his manner was so kind, so condescending, and so respectful, that I thought not I was doing wrong to listen to him.