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The apparatus of infernal cruelty, the dead man's hand, the semblances of murdered sons and husband, the masque of madmen, the dirge and doleful emblems of the tomb with which she is environed in her prison by the torturers who seek to goad her into lunacy, are insufficient to disturb the tranquillity and tenderness of her nature.

See Blackstone's Magna Charta, printed at Oxford, 1759. 1 W. and M. Ecclesiasticus, chap, xxxviii. ver. 24, 25. "The wisdom of a learned man cometh by opportunity of leisure: and he that hath little business shall become wise. How can he get wisdom that holdeth the plough, and that glorieth in the goad; that driveth oxen, and is occupied in their labors, and whose talk is of bullocks?" Ver. 27.

"Do you know, my dear fellow," said la Peyrade, laughing, "that journalism is making you into something very solemn? 'Be seated, Cinna, Caesar Augustus couldn't have said it otherwise." "Cinnas, unfortunately, are more plentiful than people think," replied Thuillier. He was still under the goad of the promise he had made to Brigitte, and he meant to fulfil it with cutting sarcasm.

"A howling jackass," put in the Field-Marshal, whose chief vocation it seemed to be to goad on his irate guest. "Yes, I'll teach you to call me a howling jackass!" cried Whipcord, turning short round on me, and catching me by the throat. "Me! I never called you a howling jackass!" cried I, in astonishment and alarm. "Yes, you did, you young liar; I heard you.

It is purely Gipsy, and seems to have more than one root. Chiv, chib, or chipe, in Rommany, mean a tongue, inferring scolding, and chiv anything sharp-pointed, as for instance a dagger, or goad or knife. But the old Gipsy word chiv-av among its numerous meanings has exactly that of casting, throwing, pitching, and driving.

He would, he believed, have taught himself to acquiesce, had he seen any chance of happiness before her; but the picture he drew of her prospects justified his misery, at being only able to goad her on, instead of drawing her back. He was absolutely amazed at himself.

'In the name of heaven, she said, 'shall I go to gaol or no? 'Then in the name of heaven, he said, 'you shall this next month, or next year, or in ten years' time. That is very certain, since you goad a King to fury. She opened her mouth, but he silenced her with his hand. 'No, you shall not go to gaol upon this quarrel! She sank back into her chair. He surveyed her with a sardonic malice.

To get the mastery of your soul, to hold it here, in your hands, at your bidding, to consecrate your life to that, to watch and pray and toil for that, to rouse yourself and goad yourself day and night for that; to thrill with the memory of great consecrations, of heroic sufferings and aspirations; to have the power of the stars in your heart, of nature, of history and the soul of man; that is your "practise."

On placing the bulb of the thermometer in the sand the mercury rose to forty-five degrees. The deceitful mirage was even more vexatious than in the plains of Bohahire'h. In spite of our experience an excessive thirst, added to a perfect illusion, made us goad on our wearied horses towards lakes which vanished at our approach; and left behind nothing but salt and arid sand.

What man remembered his pitiful hut where he slaved away, always under the eyes of the owner or the ruthless and sullen foreman, always forced to rise before dawn, and to take up his shovel, basket, or goad, wearing himself out to earn a mere pitcher of atole and a handful of beans? They laughed, they sang, they whistled, drunk with the sunlight, the air of the open spaces, the wine of life.

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